Pool Party Ideas for Teenagers

Beach or Pool Party Printable DIY PackageA pool party for teenagers is a great way to celebrate just about any occasion outdoors in the warm sunshine. While you can go about doing any theme for a teenage pool party, the most popular party scheme trends with the feel of beaches, sun, and even a little luau/tiki atmosphere. With this kind of pool party, you create a warm and inviting space full of color and fun in which your teenager can have a good time with all their friends.

Pool Party Invitations

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Pool Party Invitations


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Pool Party Decorations

For decorations, you can make just about anything you have at your disposal work. Think colorful balloons, streamers of exotic flower cutouts, beach balls that hang from the ceiling, and accessories along the venue like surfboards, faux tiki statues, and inflatable palm trees. Set up tables with fringed edge tablecloths and big backdrops of ocean views. Set up pink yard flamingos and giant pom pom tissue balls in the colors of the rainbow. Setting up an actual tiki bar with coconut and pineapple cups filled with punch or lemonade is also a great addition to the pool party theme. Teenagers love photos, so putting together a photo book with a lazy beach background and fun props of sunglasses and big hats is also something that the guests will absolutely love.

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Pool Party Food

Food should have a classic island twist, so opt for lots of fresh fruits like pineapples and big green grapes. Light fares are perfect for being out in the warm sun, so stick with easy to grab up foods like cucumber sandwiches, carrots or celery with ranch dip, pretzels and chips, and turkey cheese pinwheels. Beverages should be equally light and refreshing, however being creative can put a super fun twist on the party, so why not try virgin pina coladas or virgin strawberry daiquiris? Of course, no party is complete without delicious treats, and the cake table is a great place to put your assortment of yummy sweets. The cake should fall in line with the theme, and offer a light flavor, so a mild taste of vanilla white cake is a great base. Go for a colorfully frosted cake in the image of a beach ball or surfboard and the teens will absolutely flip for it. Other treats that will be extremely popular are beach ball cake pops, cupcakes with ocean-colored frosting and shark fin toppers, sugar cookies in the shapes of hibiscus flowers, and seafoam-hued miniature macaroons. Sand buckets filled with candies like Swedish fish and gummy sharks make for happy treats as well.GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong Set, Includes 2 Rafts and 3 Pong BallsSplash Bash Basic Party Pack


Pool Party Favors

As far as guest gift favors go for your teenage pool party, you have tons of options here. Sand buckets filled with candy goodies, neon-colored sunglasses, and little beach towels is a great assortment of fun and functional favors. Hawaiian leis or sun visors are also a great gift that the teens will use for a long time to come. Personalized water bottles or bracelets are also a great go-to when it comes to gifts the guests will love.

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Pool party games are extremely interactive, so be sure to set up a net in the pool for water volleyball, as this can include all your guests and makes for a really fun activity. Marco polo, swim races, and water chicken are all great games that the guests can play safely in the pool while keeping in theme with the party. Don’t forget the timeless game of limbo as well. You can also set up an activity in which a party favor can be incorporated, such as a hula dancing contest with grass skirts and leis that the teens can take home with them.

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