Monster Birthday Party Ideas

Colorful Monster Themed Decoration Ideas

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Monster Themed Decoration

For a theme with lots of color that kids are certain to love, have a Monster Birthday Party. This theme offers you an opportunity to work some major creativity into your decorations with limitless options for delightful looks.  Bright, playful colors will make your party light hearted and sweet, letting kids enjoy the zaniness of monster creations.  You can get crazy with play dough and make little monsters to center each table in funny poses, even have them on your buffet table to keep everyone entertained. Instead of making a blended theme with the same covers on each table, bring your party a unique and bold look with wild patterns and colors that are different for each table. Have plenty of colorful balloons in the room with paper monster eye and eyes glued on them!

Incorporate surprise elements into your venue to keep the guests looking for additional fun touches, monsters underneath tables, monsters on the ceiling, on shelves, etc.  Don’t be afraid of overdoing the decorations, you can’t have too many monsters with this fun theme.  Draw monsters on balloon bouquets, hang monster photos on the wall, have cute little monster storybooks laid out to read.

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Monster Themed Food Ideas

Make monster sandwiches by cutting meat and cheese triangles at one end (to look like teeth) and cut the crusts off the bread, then top with two olives for eyeballs.  Make monster fruit kabobs, by topping the stick with a googly eye!  An upside down halved green pepper with a couple long slices for legs and placed in chip dip makes a neat monster after you add googly eyes of course.  Add fake teeth to the center of donuts and upside down chocolate chips for eyes and you have monstrous treats that any kid can love. For your monster cake, create a cupcake monster, letting every kid have a piece of a fun and crazy creation.

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Monster Themed Activities & Favors

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Free Photobooth

Give your guests a fun surprise by taping a monster underneath a chair or two and giving a sensational monster gift to whomever is the lucky one/s who find them underneath their chair.  Have a monster dress-up fashion show and give a little prize to the one everyone votes on as the winner. Design a crafting station and let the kids all make their own special zany friend to take home.   You could even put together a photo booth, where the kids can have their picture taken as monsters, or with monsters!

Let the kids take home a treat to remember with gigantic monster decorated cookies wrapped in saran wrap and tied with a wonky bow.  Or you can make little monster boxes to hold silly surprises like gummy candies or monster pencils, erasers and more.

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