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monkey cupcakes by Elton Lin

monkey cupcakes by Elton Lin

monkey cupcakes by nikoretro

monkey cupcakes by nikoretro

Bring out your child’s wild side with a Monkey Birthday to remember! With such a fun theme, you can go all out with natural elements that your loved one will really enjoy. This would be a neat theme to have an outdoor venue at but works inside just as beautifully.

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For colors, you can use brown and green emphasizing the deep tones of nature.  You can also incorporate yellow with bananas to bring a bright touch in.  Hanging green streamers, or garland/vines overhead in the venue area will create a warm and cozy atmosphere with a wild element. You could even dangle some monkeys from them to add some fun. For a personal decoration creating wild frames with poster board to go around the birthday child’s pictures gives a fantastic and unique option for spicing up the party.  You can string the pictures along a clothesline and hang with ribbon or clothespins.  This would be a fun theme to have a photo op set-up for everyone to pose in. You can make tree branches with monkeys or hang monkeys from an actual tree to create the wild adventuring look.

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Monkey Birthday theme treats and snacks include bananas in any form, banana slices, pudding, add a little peanut butter and you can even have banana sandwiches!  Create a fruit platter with a tree by putting pineapples on top of each other, add some leaves and top with a monkey! This makes a lovely centerpiece that you can surround with fruits of any kind to add bright color.  A tiered cake opens up a large variety of decorating options that you can top with a monkey or a banana to really blend with the theme perfectly.

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Some fun activities that you can do a Monkey Birthday party include a unique banana race. Each participant gets a banana to peel and whoever gets it done the fastest wins. The only catch is, they have to do it with their feet!  Another fun game to play is Monkey in the Middle, everyone gets in a circle except the chosen monkey who has to try to catch a bean bag that is tossed around. If they get the bean bag, another monkey is chosen.

Thank-you gifts can include a lot of fun different options. A goodie bag of monkey accessories like, monkey rubber duckies and monkey necklaces, offer a theme-based way to remember the festivities. You can always offer a sweet treat too, sugar cookies or monkey cake-pops with personalized wrapping and tags.

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