Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

One of the most popular and timeless computer games for kids is Minecraft, and what better way to celebrate any milestone birthday than with a Minecraft themed party? This motif is fun, interactive, and can actually be pretty easy to put together. With a simple palate of colors, wild décor, and creative food fares, you can throw a Minecraft birthday party that your children will remember forever. After you send out your brilliantly decorated Minecraft birthday party invitations full of gaming enthusiasm, it’s time to get started!


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Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

Transforming your reserved birthday party space into a world of Minecraft is an exciting adventure, and can be done by putting even the most basic party decorations together. Start with your color scheme, and make it bright, with neon green being your center Minecraft hue. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to incorporate Minecraft imagery, which is a pixelated green and black face, along with pretty much anything else you can turn into a “pixilated” form. Lots of DIY projects can come from these ideas, such as creating a wall backdrop, tablecloths, or balloons that have free hand sharpie pixelated Minecraft images and the like. Streamers that can be made into spider legs after the bugs in the game or large banners in pixelated letters paying homage to the birthday boy/girl are also great DIY crafts you can incorporate into the party. Green, square shaped lanterns that you can hang from the ceiling and even green lightbulbs can really make your party guests feel as if they have fallen into the game itself. You can even get the kids involved in making more decorations at the actual party by handing out Minecraft coloring pages and hanging them up for show after the kids are finished.

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Minecraft Birthday Party Tableware

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Minecraft Birthday Party Food

For food, this is where you can delight your birthday boy/girl with the ultimate Minecraft themed treats. It’s a good idea to set up a main table that houses all the most popular food for the event, and this includes the birthday cake. Whether you opt for a single or multi-tiered cake, make sure you don’t spare the details here. If you’re going to go all out and elaborate on anything, the birthday cake should be it. With limitless options for frosting, shapes, and sugar fondant creations, you can make this cake into anything from a big Minecraft-inspired block, a canvas for a cast full of game characters, or a replica of what’s on the game screen. Savory foods that you can incorporate Minecraft images into are pizza (get creative with the pepperonis!), punch, popcorn, and even drink bottles! Other treats to include are themed jars filled with green and orange candy, sugar cookies and cupcakes frosted with Minecraft images, and green bowls full of finger foods like carrots, chips, and pretzels. Creating food labels in the Minecraft letters and colors also adds an extra touch to the entire theme.

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Minecraft Food Labels

Minecraft Inspired Creeper Face for Party Cup or Cups

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Minecraft Birthday Party Bags

Putting together party favors for your little guests is where things really get fun. You can create interactive favors that the kids actually get to make themselves to take home, such as character masks, decorated jumbo plastic cups, or blocked artwork. Presenting the favors in green, Minecraft-faced bags and square boxes makes opening the packages full of favors even more enjoyable for the kids. Candy and individually wrapped chocolates, cookies, and cake pops are a delicious way to fill up the favor bags, or you could go for something more permanent, such as miniature Minecraft character figurines and toys. Minecraft themed hats and socks are also a memorable favor that the guests will love to hold onto.

Between magical blocks, swords, giant spider villains, and mystic rocks and explosions, Minecraft is a game that offers not only a mind building activities for kids, but also a fantastic birthday party theme.


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