Lego Birthday Party Ideas

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Lego Birthday Party Ideas

For many children, Legos offer years of fun with limitless options for using their creativity through imaginative play. So you can be sure of a win with a Lego birthday party, giving your child a celebration that incorporates a classic.

A fantastic thing about creating a Lego party is all the bold colors you can bring to really make a dynamite event. Using color card stock, a one inch hole punch and foam tape, you can make invitations that are unique and look just like the lego blocks. Use the hole punch on a foam tape to create a perfect circular shape. If you don’t have a hole punch you can cut a circle by using scissors. Stick about 2 circles in a column, and about 5 circles in a row depending on the size of your card stock for the invitation. Using different colors for each invitation ensures that each copy is one-of-a-kind.

FREE LEGO Birthday Party Invitation

FREE LEGO Birthday Party Invitation


FREE LEGO Birthday Printable

Free LEGO Birthday Printable

Free LEGO Birthday Printable


Decorating your venue for a Lego party can be a blast, with almost limitless DIY options that can make your party stand-out.  You can compile your own DIY giant legos into whatever building you want by cutting holes in tissue boxes to allow 2 colored plastic cups to be inserted. Wrap them in a same colored paper as the cup. That makes one DIY giant lego block. Or you can wrap styrofoam blocks and create circles to glue on with more styrofoam.  You can make a banner by hanging ribbon, and clothespinning DIY legos up: these are made by using colored card stock and a circle cutter. Stick the circle shapes on the card stock using double sided foam tape so that the circles are slightly popped out.  You can even incorporate your child’s massive collection of legos by building little vases, buckets and other items to hold forks, centerpieces and more.

 How to make a LEGO Cake by Rosanna Pansino via Youtube

How to make LEGO Cupcakes by MyCupcakeAddiction via youtube

For edibles at a Lego Theme party colors that stand out like legos such as red, blue, green and a must yellow work fantastically. M&Ms in lego made bowls add a fun touch that most people enjoy. You can use sixlets, gummy bears, gummy worms, gobstoppers, all these have those bright colors that really shine. For healthier snack options, red apples, cucumbers, celery, carrots, strawberries, really any fruits that have a lego color can be incorporated nicely. You can create jello cups in different colors that are fun.  And of course, the birthday cake would look phenomenal shaped as a lego itself. For drinks, you can serve  cordials in a yellow paper cups with a LEGO smiley drawn on them.

Activities at a Lego birthday party can include a race to see who can build a pre-packaged item (race car, helicopter etc.) the fastest, bringing some fun competition in. Give the winner a great prize like a package of legos to take home.  You can play pin the head on the lego man, just create the picture from cardstock, very easy. You could also have a competition to see who can guess how many legos are in a jar, and of course, give a prize to the closest guess!

For take home gifts you can be a sure favorite by sending home little lego packs, you can also make lego sugar cookies, or even just put candies in a lego shaped box.  All of these options create a great way for your guests to remember the fun they had at your Lego party!

By Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”

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Lego Birthday Party Ideas Lego Birthday Party Ideas Lego Birthday Party Ideas decorations Lego Birthday Party Ideas decorations Lego Birthday Party Ideas decorations Lego Birthday Party Ideas decorations

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