Irresistible Colorful Spa Party


Vivid tones and fantastic decor made this Irresistible Colorful Spa Party an event to remember. Lemonberry Moon had the pleasure of designing this celebration and featured the exquisite printables from Forever Your Party.

For this special birthday kid a whole large venue was arranged with stations so all of her guests could get both manicures and pedicures as well as enjoy some tasty treats.  An adorable birthday banner was hung in a large window so everyone would know what the party was all about.  To add an fun and unique touch to this banner, loofahs were hung on each side in vibrant colors.

Bottled watered was fancied up with cute personalized labels that matched all the food labels perfectly.  A whole arrangement of sweet was laid out for the kids to enjoy as they enjoyed their spa day. Light pink jello squares looked delicious on an adorable white tray.  White chocolate covered pretzel sticks were both easy to grab and chew and also looked quite elegant with pink pearls sprinkled on them. They were sweetly displayed on a silver tray. No spa party is truly complete without a delectable yogurt parfait or cucumber sandwiches and this party had both! The parfaits were topped with tasty oats, strawberries and blueberries too.  To please the sweet tooth, cupcakes were frosted in white and set on a tall tower.  An entire fountain of chocolate made a fun addition to the snacks as well, with fondue sticks and marshmallows beside it.

For the mani-pedis, each kid had their own special set of equipment to get a true experience. Green buckets were filled with little feet for the pedicures and an array of shades of nail polish allowed each kid to personalize their look. There were even flip flops for each to wear after that had been dazzled up with lovely strips of fabric.


Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Birthday-Banner Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Bottled-Water Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Candies Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Chocolate-Covered-Pretzels Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Chocolate-Fountain Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Cucumber-Sandwiches Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Cupcakes Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Flip-Flops Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Fondue-Dippers Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Jello Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Manicure-Tools Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Nail-Polish Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Soap-Bars Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Towels Irresistible-Colorful-Spa-Party-Yogurt-Parfaits

Credits –

Design – Lemonberry Moon

Printables – Forever Your Party


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