Glitzy Ahoy Birthday Party


For a splash of summer fun, this Glitzy Ahoy Birthday Party had a little of everything nautical, each detail created with a bit of dazzle to make it a one of a kind celebration! Glits ‘n Glam  left this event with a customized and professional style that both the vip and guests could easily enjoy.  Using the classic red, white and blue colors, all of the decor at the party was bright and inviting.

An adorable backdrop for the dessert table was made with a perfect blend of nautical tones to introduce the theme in spectacular fashion.  A light blue base was like the sea with the birthday boys’ name spelled out in massive letters, each featuring a unique and bold pattern.  To draw more attention a massive fishing net hung across the bottom with a large anchor, lifesaver and more.

The table used for the party was large and white, needing no cover to stand out.  It was decorated with a fun life saver that hung by rope on a knob on the front. The lifesaver said, “Welcome On Board.” Each side of this table had fun theme based decor, a custom graphic in bright colors on one side and a large lighthouse in red and white on the other.

Lighthouses were beautifully incorporated into the table decor on each end of the table as well.  They matched the treats in sea faring style. Another fun decoration used on the table were treasure chests which acted as stands for tasty cupcakes and more. These had an aged style to really blend with the decor smoothly.  The cupcakes had adorable details from miniature lighthouses to little lifesavers.  Sugar cookies were shaped into cute nautical shapes as well.  For a fantastic finishing touch, a tiered cake stood tall in the center with layers of tastiness.

Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Anchor-Decor Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Boat-Cake Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Cake Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Candies Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Cookie-Number Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Cookies Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Cupcake Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Custom-Graphic Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Desserts Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Lifesaver-Cupcake Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Lighthouse Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Lighthouse-Fishing-Net Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Name Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Tiered-Cake Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Treasure-Chest Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Treasure-Chest-Art Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Treasure-Chest-Decor Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-Treats Glitzy-Ahoy-Birthday-Party-White-Lighthouse


Planning/design – Glits ‘n Glam





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