Nautical Anchors Aweigh Birthday


Anyone with a love for the sea life could enjoy this lovely Nautical Anchors Aweigh Birthday extravaganza. With the styling and concept design from Styled By Belle, this party had a modern look that really popped.

Red, white and blue helped give this venue a classic look with bold patterns expertly incorporated throughout the look. The dessert table was a fantastic display of snacks and decor.  It had a massive backdrop with blue and white stripes the set the tone for the party smoothly.  On each side of the backdrop, adorable oars were leaned against the wall with red and white chevron patterns on the ends. A wonderful personalized sign was in the center with cute anchor art and a golden frame.

The table was covered with a long black cloth, allowing the blue and white life preserver on the front to stand out brightly.  A fishing net was draped over the tablecloth at an angle, creating a cool effect.

Each of the treats was placed with precision, ensuring that everything was easy to see and grab. At the front, sugar cookies and macarons were set on flat white trays, drawing attention with their sweet detailing. Each snack had a personalized label that matched the theme.

At the back of the table a large white box was setup to display large jars chock-full of delightful candies for everyone to enjoy.  Each was wrapped with a rope of red, white and blue.  To the sides of the candy, tiered trays of delicious cupcakes stood tall.  The front and center of the table was reserved for the scrumptious looking cake.  Three layers of sea worthy decor topped with the most adorable little boat was certain to capture attention.

Nautical-Anchors-Aweigh-Birthday-Cake Nautical-Anchors-Aweigh-Birthday-Cake-Pops Nautical-Anchors-Aweigh-Birthday-Cupcakes Nautical-Anchors-Aweigh-Birthday-Preserver-Cookies Nautical-Anchors-Aweigh-Birthday-Printables Nautical-Anchors-Aweigh-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies

Credits –

Styling & Concept: Styled By Belle

Backdrop & Graphic Design: Styled By Belle

Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakepops: One Sweet Girl

Life Preserver Macarons: Macarahrah

Birthday Cake: Eiffel Tower Cakes


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