Flock of Fun Flamingo Birthday

Flock of Fun Flamingo Birthday

Flock of Fun Flamingo Birthday by Believents.

This super fun and vibrant flock of fun flamingo themed birthday party was planned by Believents. The party was bursting with exciting colors and patterns throughout.

The dessert table was adorable! A cake in the center of the table sat on a pink pedestal. The cake was bright blue and included a flamingo topper, beautiful decorative flowers, and pineapples. The cake also included the name of the birthday girl in pink letters. Doughnuts were uniquely made to look like pineapples. How cute! Cupcakes were placed on fun tropical themed pedestals. Each cupcake was intricately decorated with a different tropical design. Other tasty treats such as chocolates, candies, and chips were adorably individually packaged for guests to take on the go. The packages all featured bright tropical colors and designs. All of the foods were labeled with special flamingo themed tags, which made it easy for guests to pick out exactly what they were looking for.

The background of the dessert area was also bursting with color and tropical vibes. A large banner featured two flamingos and the name of the birthday girl. The top of the banner was decorated with a tropical garland. Blue and and yellow paper fan decorations were placed perfectly in front of the banner. On either side of the paper fans were two real pineapples. Bright yellow and red flowers were placed in adorable blue and white striped vases. The table even included two classic plastic pink flamingos. Picture frames were used to display pictures of flamingos which just so happened to have a matching background to the flower vases.

The table itself was covered with a crisp white table cloth and featured a  pretty pink table skirt. A banner on the front of the table was full of flamingos and bright colored patterns. On either side of the table were bright green, pink, and blue balloons. At the front of the table large block letters spelled the word “one.” Each letter was perfectly themed with a flamingo pattern.

A white wooden ladder was placed on the table to hold party favors. The favors were placed in adorable bags with tropical designs. Each bag was carefully tied with a pink ribbon.

The bright colors and fun atmosphere were sure to make this party a party to remember!

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