Fashionable Elena Of Avalor Birthday Party


This Fashionable Elena Of Avalor Birthday Party was sure to spoil a special one with all sorts of bold effects that made it a trendy and exciting event. With the innovative skills of Sugar City Treats, this party was as delicious to eat at as it was to play at.

Held outdoors on a fantastically bright sunny day, all of the vibrant tones of this Elena of Avalor party popped beautifully.  The boldest color incorporated throughout the venue was red of course! With a pool, an awning for the kids to play under and all sorts of other activities, the children were certain to stay busy all day long. The awning was even decked out with red tulle that blew lightly in the breeze.

Desserts were absolutely divine at this party.  Set against an adorable Elena cut out backdrop, each treat had its own special look. Columns of balloons at the back were arranged to make a fantastic addition to the decor as well.

The front of the table was adorable accented with varying colors of giant paper flowers.  Set against the textured red cover, they made a spectacular addition to the scene.  On each side of the buffet tall, circular tables were covered in gold to add a bit of elegance.  Wrapped in a red ribbon with big red paper flowers on top, each table went smoothly with the theme.  They each held a fantastic tiered chandelier tray with tasty cupcakes.

The main table held all sorts of desserts frosted in red from perfectly covered candied apples to rice krispy treats showcasing adorable blue, green and yellow details as well.  A delightful cake was shaped into an Elena dress and topped with a crown, making a fantastic centerpiece to the table. It was expertly displayed in front of large, golden, shimmering letters spelling the birthday girl’s name out.

Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Awning Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Backdrop Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Buffet Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Cake Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Candy-Coated-Apples Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Guest-Seating Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Letter-Balloons Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Marshmallow-Pops Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Pink-Tulle Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Rice-Krispy-Snacks Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Sweets Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Thank-You-Gifts Fashionable-Elena-Of-Avalor-Birthday-Party-Tubs-Beverages


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