Cars Desert Inspired Birthday Party


This Cars Desert Inspired Birthday Party is a perfect theme to capture little racer’s hearts. With an entire venue dedicated to a hit movie, this party was definitely a win. The fabulous styling as well as the sweet photography was handled by Isabel’s Confetti.

This event was filled with fantastic ideas that kids can definitely love.  A special area was set up for kids to be able to design their own car, bringing out a creative option for entertaining. A large poster was hung on the wall for everyone to try their skill at “Pin the 95 on Lightning.”  There was even an exciting photobooth set up for guests to take their own polaroid photos to add to a personalized guest book for the special VIP. This section had a stand with accessories so the kids could style their own photo just the way they wanted to.

The tables for food and beverages were conveniently set side by side with matching Cars backdrops. One had a charcoal cover and the other one a tan cover, going right along with the desert vibe.  The beverage table had a delicious looking cake right in the middle, making a tasty looking centerpiece.  

The snack table held all sorts of sweets for the kids to try out.  Tires filled with red circular shaped gummies sat right in front beside adorable cactus decor.  Cookies and cupcakes made a fantastic addition too with detailing that stood out beautifully.

To really make this kids party feel special, small tables just right for little ones were set up with adorable, vibrantly colored chairs.  Plastic tableware was used, making it simple to clean up after the party was over.

Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Backdrop-Photos Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Cake Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Candies Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Chairs Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Cookies Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Drinks Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Edibles Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Food-Tables Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Games Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Kids-Table Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Make-Your-Own Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Paper-Plates Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Polaroid-Photo-Stand Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Popcorn Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Straws Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Thank-You-Bags Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Treats Cars-Desert-Inspired-Birthday-Party-Trophies

Credits –

Styling, photography by Isabel’s Confetti

Buttercream cake, cupcake toppers and cookies by Isabel’s Confetti

Drip cake by New York Patisseries

Backdrop by Pretty and Print


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