Colorful 1st With a Royal Twist


Any kid could love getting vip treatment with this fantastically Colorful 1st With a Royal Twist birthday extravaganza. Using a bright venue, all of the rainbow colors stood out vibrantly, allowing the room to look absolutely exciting.

With the expertise of Katie Blauser the decor at the party was perfection. Each item had a personal touch that really gave the attention to this special little boy.  One favorite decoration was a paper chain draped along a lovely mantle that showcased all sorts of bright colors.  Adorable baby photos in black and white gave this decoration a personal and beautiful touch. This decoration was actually part of a lovely backdrop for the treat table.  

A silhouette in a white frame with a bright yellow crown made a perfect backdrop for the table with a sophisticated vibe.  The table had a stark white cover which made all of the bright tones on it stand out superbly.  Colorful confetti circles were sprinkled around delightfully.  A golden number one mylar balloon was set at the back of the table so everyone would know how old the birthday boy was.  The desserts were fantastic in bright tones and displayed in a range of ways from trays to adorable little cups.  Cupcakes had a fun, personalized look with baby photos as toppers.  No royal party is complete without jewelry, this one had delicious ring pops for each party-goer to enjoy.

The birthday cake was a blast of colors frosted in white and splashed with large sprinkles.  It was topped with a royal crown and a number 1.

Other adorable decorations included a rainbow crown banner with a panda in the center and adorable pinwheel straws for the guests to use.

Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Cake Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Candy-Rings Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Chain-Decor Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Crown-Art Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Crown-Banner Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Cupcake-Art Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Cupcakes Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Cupcake-Topper Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Pinwheel-Decor Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Place-Setting Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Sugar-Cookie Colorful-1st-With-a-Royal-Twist-Treats

Credits –

Photography, Planning, Design: Katie Blauser

Cookies: Laura’s Cookies

Animal Heads, Straws, Cake Stand: Target

Invite: Caravan Shoppe, free download


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