Masha and the Bear Inspired Birthday


Not only is Masha and the Bear a favorite show among little ones, but it also makes a delightful theme for a child’s birthday adventure! With the expert styling of Tala of Perfect Packages, this Masha and the Bear Inspired Birthday was absolutely gorgeous.

Using a blend of green tones along with purple, the venue had a bright and cheery atmosphere. Adorable natural elements were also used to add to the decor like vines and tiny shrubs.

The dessert table was a beautiful arrangement of fun and treats with layers that added dimension and allowed for easy access to the edibles. A backdrop was created from a range of sizes of pinwheels in purple and green.  Vines were used as fillers, blending with the theme sweetly.  A cute personalized flag banner was strung across the center spelling out the birthday girl’s name in large, purple framed, white letters.

To give the table a full look, a long neutral cover was placed underneath a smaller green one.  A matching banner was hung across the front of the table advertising the birthday girl’s age.  Along the back of the table, sweet, small bouquets of purple flowers were standing tall in between some tasty treats.  As a unique idea, cubbies were set at the back of the table to hold the cupcakes, letting them stand out nicely.  Each cupcake had an adorable Masha and the Bear topper and a fun wrap.  At the center of the table a shelf was placed in back to display the favorite characters in plush fashion alongside cute little framed art pieces. Little shrubs stood in front of the shelf, drawing attention to the bright and fun cake at the center.

With all sorts of yummy foods to choose from like sandwiches and chips, there was something at this event for everyone to enjoy.

Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Banner Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Cake Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Chips Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Cupcakes Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Cupcake-Sign Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Decor Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Dolls Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Flowers Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Sandwiches Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Thank-You-Bags Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Treat-Stand Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Treat-Table Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Water Masha-And-The-Bear-Inspired-Yummies

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Tala of Perfect Packages

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