Farm Adventure Birthday Party

Farm Adventure Birthday Party


This Farm Adventure Birthday Party was chock full of fun details that was masterminded by Invento Festa.  The dessert area was a perfect blend of exciting farming decor along with treats for a ton of guests to enjoy munching on.

For a backdrop to this fantastic desesrt table, wall art was used that looked like rustic wooden planks, giving a charming effect that radiated throughout the venue. An adorable flag banner hung across the center in a vibrant blend of colors and patterns that introduced this farming theme in a cute way.

In front of this delightful table, an arrangement of hay bales were set out strategically to enhance the style of the theme while providing a place for some other decorations and treats to be display.  On one bale a cowboy hat and lasso were draped in a cute way.  A giant carriage wheel showcased the birthday boys name on a customized sign right in between two bales of hay.

The table itself was charming with a wooden design that had a small bandanna style cover over the center.  It was filled bountifully with desserts and fun farm decor.  At the front of the table truffles in fun wraps sat invitingly on lovely white trays.  Right behind them perfectly decorated chocolates had adorable little farm animal heads for toppers. This tray was accented on each side with decorative cacti.  Candied apples were frosting in bright colors and decorated with horseshoes and bandannas.  There were even yummy looking cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

As a centerpiece to this table, the cake was an outstanding display of edible art. Set on a large stump with greenery, it blended smoothly with the theme.  This cake featured three layers of farming delight decorated in different looks for a bold effect. It was topped with a birthday number for a simplistic finish.

Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Animal-Cakepop-Dessert Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Animal-Cakepops Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Animal-Cakepop-Treat Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Animal-Cupcakes Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Apples Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Cake Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Candied-Apples Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Chocolate-Beverages Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Chocolate-Treat Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Customized-Art Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Eggs Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Desserts Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Farmer-Decor Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Horse Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Milk Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Personalized-Sign Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Pudding-Mugs Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Rope Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Stuffed-Cow Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Swirly-Straws Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Wheat


Planning/design – Invento Festa

Sweets – Sweets Cakes Maria Celia

Biscuits – Janaina Oliveira




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