Little Animal Farm Birthday Party

Little Animal Farm Birthday Party by Lima Limao.

Mariana is a very little girl, and she loves farm animal. What a perfect animal farm birthday party with tables decorated with pink and white balloons, pink tablecloths, and the centerpiece cake topped with an animal barn. This cutest cake in the world features little chicks, horses, a cow, and pig and don’t forget the dog. Animals rest next to the fence, on top of the cake, and around the lower tier base. The cake is decorated to resemble a pleasant day on the farm with frosting done in pastel greens and pinks.

Little Animal Farm Birthday Party ideas

Nestled on the main table are fruits. Lemons and oranges plus stripped green and red fruits live in pink gingham boxes. So many things to see on the dessert table and the best are the cookies decorated to look like a lamb and a pig. Cake pops in animal shapes smile below the cookies and fruits make made from marzipan lay on a tray.

The cutest farm animal cupcakes are well controlled in a white picket fence! A pig, cow, lamb, and horse will have no chance to run away until you pick them up to eat. Don’t forget to take your thank you present displayed on a white iron display stand near the table. White boxes with the farm theme and animals remind you that Mariana loves animals. The stands are decorated with balloons so you can’t miss them.

Look closely at the farm animals that decorate the cake. The cow is done in lifelike pinks plus black and white. The horns are pink and the black eyes almost sparkle. The darling little piglet looks at you with a charming smile on his little face. Tiptoeing around the base of the cake is a puppy. What little girls would not love these adorable farm animals?

The farms fruits and vegetables look too good to eat. They are perfectly displayed in farm boxes and look almost real. Bite into a lemon. What will you find? Happy dancing lollipops smile down on the farm foods laying in dark pink paper shells.

More cookie lollipops decorated to look like cow horns and chicks peer out from a pink watering can. Paper flowers hold more goodies that might have got their cuteness from the watering can.

The food table, decorated with a pink tablecloth and a white vase of delicate flowers invites guests to take parfaits that were designed especially for this party. Look at the central table from above. The lineup of all of Mariana’s favorite things will tempt you aplenty and bring a smile to your face.

What animal party for a little one would be complete without animal crackers? Done up in plastic with lacy tops and pink polka dot ribbon animal crackers are yours for the taking.

Everything is laid out on two very cute tables designed perfectly for a little girl who loves farm animals. Grab a cut cupcake in pig, horse, cow or chickie motifs and enjoy the tastes, as well as the artistry.

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