Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

Unicorn Decorations – Food – Favors

Enchant your little one with a Unicorn Birthday Party celebration for their next special day. With soft colors and an assortment of these mythical creatures, your party is sure to be an absolute success.

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For your Unicorn Party you can create an elegant venue area by using a blend of pretty pastels that will look beautiful. A variety of different colors like pink, purple, yellow and blue give you a perfect blend that can accent all of your unicorn decorations nicely.  Using tulle, you can make a rainbow drapery to hang behind your buffet table for a gorgeous backdrop to draw attention to your presentation of tasty treats. Use flowers to create an ethereal effect, you can use them to border tables, place in vintages vases, even make some wreaths to hang up around the room. Hang mini-lights around to make some soft lighting to enhance your mythical theme.  You can even have pinwheels set up in bouquets and placed as centerpieces on your tables for a cute and unique look.  Take strips of fabric tied around twine with different colors and patterns to make your own banners to complement your theme.

unicorn rainbow party banners

unicorn party supplies

unicorn birthday party supplies

Have a layout of finger foods that are mess-free to keep your party room looking elegant. Grilled cheese sandwiches cut into triangles is a kid favorite. Fairy bread is also a fun and colorful way to display your sandwiches. They are also delicious. All you need is white bread with crust trimmed. Colorful candy sprinkles (also called 100s and 1000s) and margarine. Spread margarine over the bread, then cover with sprinkles and cut into triangles.

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Have a tray of fruit bites spread in a rainbow effect. If your Unicorn theme incorporates rainbow, then you can try making rainbow cookies with sprinkles. Little jars with pudding and mini-spoons add a sweet touch to a snack table. This would be a cute theme for placing jars with different colored candies out, like M&Ms, separated by color and set in rainbow order.  If you make cupcakes, you can personalize them by attaching little unicorn cutouts to stick and placing them in the center of each cupcake.  Let your cake be the centerpiece of your buffet with a large sheet topped with a fantastic unicorn.

How to make UNICORN RAINBOW POOP COOKIES by Rosanna Pansino

Unicorn Cakepops by MyCupcakeAddiction

For a creative activity to keep the children busy, have them cutout/design their own unicorn appliques to iron-on to a t-shirt, giving them a fun take home gift as well.  If you don’t have iron-ons, you can always break out the fabric glue and glitter and let them get creative that way too. Have a candy station set up for them to put together their own candy jewelry for a tasty way to stay busy.  If you have access to a farm, or someone who has a pony, this would be the perfect theme for giving out pony rides to the visitors as well, you could even put a cone on it to turn it into a unicorn!

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For a gift to take home after the party is finished up, you can put together little baskets with rainbow lollipops to enjoy. For a one-of-a-kind favor you could wrap rainbow slinkies in plastic wrap, and put little candies in the center, tie with a bow and put on a special label. Even sugar cookies frosted like unicorns are sure to be a hit take-home treat!

Unicorn Party Games

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