Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat & Thing One Thing Two

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat & Thing One Thing Two

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Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat & Thing One Thing Two cupcake

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Above Photos credit – Partylicous

Dr. Seuss’ stories not only entertain millions of children through wonderful reading, but his stories also make fantastic party themes that bring imagination to a whole new level of fun. There is nothing more adorable than your own decorated Cat in the Hat party and Thing One and Thing Two!


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Dr Seuss Party Decoration

When you decorate your party area for this event, you can go all out with wild patterns, stripes and polka dots, anything that gives that chaotic creative style. Red, white, and light blue make a lovely color layout that you can cover your venue with. Bold tablecloths covered in all kinds of pictures of the classic characters from Cat in the Hat will add excitement that kids are sure to enjoy. Make sure you have Thing One and Thing Two in the area, you can hang cardboard cutouts of them on the wall. For ultimate Dr Seuss themed centerpieces, place some fishbowls in the middle of the guest tables with some toy fishes inside. Preferably colors that goes with the theme which are red, blue, yellow and green. If you enjoy DIY, you can get a bunch of paintable photo frames and decorate them to match the crazy party patterns, then put pictures of the special birthday kid or kids in them for everyone to check out. This is also a good theme to put out your collection of Dr. Seuss favorites and use them to enhance your decorating.

Free Dr Seuss Printable Twins

Free Dr Seuss Printable Twins

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Dr Seuss Inspired Food Ideas

When it comes to foods, this is a party where you can get really creative, break out that chef-side and personalize concoctions that kids will love.  Layered jello cups offer a striped look, red jello and white jello, topped with a dollop of cool whip of course! Turn cheese sticks that are still wrapped into Cat in the Hat with a red and a black marker.  You can put the kitty face on the bottom with the bow-tie and then stripes all the way up for the hat. Cotton candy on sticks will give that crazy Thing One and Thing Two hairstyle that everyone will enjoy eating right up. For your cake, create a layered delight that is off-center, giving a lop-sided look and detail with Thing One and Thing Two, or Cat in the Hat even.


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Dr Seuss Party Games

Fun Dr. Seuss activities include a Thing One and Two relay race where kids can go head to head in a battle of excitement. Set up a crazy course indoors or out and give a prize to the winner! You can have a photo booth for wild pictures to remember the party by. You could even create a guessing game table where you ask the guests to guess how many fishes are in the fishbowl game using delicious chewy Swedish Fish candy. Using the centerpieces of fishbowl you created for guest tables, add more fishes and use them for a fun team fishing game! Make sure you add a small magnet to the toy fish and a fishing rod. The team that gets all the fishes out first wins a group prize!

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Dr Seuss Party Favors

Ideal take-home gifts to show appreciation Cat in the Hat style would be giving out gigantic colorful or red and white striped lollipops personally labeled to say thank you! Another fun treat would be making jello cups that have little gummy fish inside so everyone could have their own little fish friend! Dr. Seuss has such an abundance of wonderful creative ideas that a Cat in the Hat party is sure to be a hit!


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