Neon | Disco Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A disco themed birthday party is a fun and exciting one for all ages. With lots of lights, lots of laughter, and certainly lots of dancing, this event is sure to keep your guests entertained and engaged. Let’s take a look at some awesome ideas to make your disco birthday party one to remember.

Disco Themed Invitations

Disco Just Dance Party Invitation

Disco Party Decorations

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Decorations for a disco themed birthday party are meant to be full of lights, sounds, and silver. A disco ball is a must have as a decoration, so however you choose to incorporate it, you can’t go wrong. Glow in the dark dot stickers on the ceiling, lava lamps, black lights, and even a fog machine really set the stage for a great disco night, and the more light you have, the better. You won’t want to use normal, everyday lights, so it can get a little dim. Use the above mentioned lighting for not only an ambiance, but so the guests can see in front of them as well!

Disco Ball Balloon

Event centerpiece


Glow in the Dark Neon party NEON paper garland

Tissue puff balls in white and streamers in orange and black, with balloons of all colors make your venue pop. Tablecloths in the design of disco floors—multicolored, light up squares—add an extra bit of vibrancy. Backdrops of bellbottom dancers on the walls and beaded doorways make your guests feel like they’ve just walked into Studio 54. Having your guests dress in costume is also a fabulous idea and don’t forget—have lots of great disco music prepared to play all evening.

Disco Party Theme Setting

Disco Dancers Backdrop Disco Party Theme Decor Revolving Disco Mirror Ball scene Silver Foil Curtain



Disco Party Tableware

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Disco Party Menu

A birthday cake made in the image of a disco ball is great centerpiece for the main food table, along with neon green and purple frosted cupcakes towered on either side of it. Cake pops with 1970’s ‘fros, or pops as disco balls are a fun tie into the theme, and silver bowls of psychedelic-colored candies are an extra special treat. Savory fares like warm pretzel sticks arranged in a disco flower shape on a colorful platter or rainbow popcorn boxes full of cracker jacks give the food table more yummy flavor.

Disco Party Games & Activities

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Disco party games can be the highlight of your event and dancing should definitely be part of them. Twister, disco dance lessons, and musical games like “Name that Tune” are great ways to keep your guests entertained and interacting with not only each other, but also the theme itself. You could even set up a disco ball piñata for an activity full of giggles. Another memory-making set-up is a DIY photo booth. All you have to do is place a disco-themed backdrop on a wall and provide your guests with silly disco props, and voila! Your friends will have tons of great pictures of your event that they’ll keep forever.

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Disco Party Favors

And of course, one of the best ways to wind down the night is by handing out fun party favors. Fill silver foil bags with disco ball key chains or hand out disco music CD’s. Rainbow sunglasses and just about anything glow in the dark is a great for a memorable takeaway.

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