Cute Woodland Birthday Party

Kolokolchik created a whole world of imagination with this Woodland Birthday party thrown for a sweet little two year old girl. With a fantastic arrangement of bright colors and animated characters, this gathering was definitely an exciting adventure.

The room used for the party was decorated exceptionally, each item precisely placed to blend in with the woodsy feel.  The walls were set-up with white-washed paneling that created a rustic vibe throughout.


A makeshift fireplace was made out of logs, giving a wonderful and imaginative addition to the space that fit the theme perfectly. Adorable photos were placed on top of the mantle to celebrate little Eva, the birthday girl. Each frame was an unfinished wood set on a matching stand to better blend with the Woodland party idea. For a fun touch, cute little masks were laid out as well in various animal types.

The treat table was a delight with two trees standing on the sides of it like a mini-forest.  Bouquets of green, yellow, and orange balloons were also set to the sides, filling the space perfectly.

A backdrop for the table was an artful vision of animated animals that showcased the theme in a cute way. The table was lined with a mint green cloth, making it a wonderful stage for the tasty treats made. Each little dessert was worked into the theme splendidly, muffins had little animal labels sticking out, sugar cookies were shaped into forest friends. There were even little yellow baskets with green tissue paper holding sweet snacks.

The cake for little Eva was gorgeously done, each little animal was perfectly done in animated fashion and placed fantastically on two layers of decadence. With other little details like trees and mushrooms, this dessert was definitely one-of-a-kind. The cake was set on a neat log and glass circle, emanating that rustic vibe.


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