Colorful Paw Patrol Birthday Party


This Colorful Paw Patrol Birthday Party contained all sorts of fun elements that any little fan could enjoy celebrating with.  Designed by Stephanie of Boy Mama Teacher Mama this event had all sorts of neat, personalized details that made it a modern and special day for a sweet kid.

The snacks for the party were pure innovation that were recreated from pinterest ideas.  Small pails were used to hold the goodies, each with a fantastic personalized label from the Paw Patrol show that told the guests what was in the pail.  There were delicious dog bones, that were actually homemade goldfish that were shaped like little bones.  Fetch sticks were tall pretzel sticks and there were even twizzlers name fire hoses.  The cake for the party was delicious looking, a badge frosted in blue with a tasty white paw on top.

For beverages a large dispenser was filled with water with a little blue food coloring and some strawberry flavored ice cubes, it had a label calling it doggy water, blending with the theme perfectly.

At the vip’s request a pinata was made from a box in the shape of the Paw Patrol badge, making it a smooth addition to the fun theme while giving the birthday boy his favorite game.  Instead of using candy on the inside, better prizes were used including Paw Patrol goodies and Matchbox cars.

White bags each had unique labels on them to thank the guests for coming in Paw Patrol style. Each bag had some Paw Patrol goodies along with a fun Paw Patrol memory game and dog bone gummies too.

Giving a twist to classic pin the tail on the donkey, a large picture of Zuma from Paw Patrol was printed out and hung on a door and each of the kids was given a small badge to play pin the badge on Zuma.

Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Badge-Cake Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Blue-Cake Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Gift-Bags Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Goldfish-Bones Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Guest-Gifts Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Koosh-Game Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Water Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Zuma-Badge

Credits –

Stephanie of Boy Mama Teacher Mama


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