Construction Themed Birthday Party Ideas

construction birthday party theme ideas

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construction party ideas

Put all of your favorite tools to good use as decorations at your child’s Construction Themed Birthday Party.  With such a unique idea, this party is sure to be memorable for everyone who can attend.

Construction Decorations – Food – Favors

Using bright orange, yellow and tan colors for your layout, you can really make your venue area stand out in style. This is a great theme to bring out construction cones, large ones for the entry area or little bitty ones for table decorations. Use your tool boxes to create fun decor around your party area.  Textured fabrics for the tablecloths like burlap work very well for setting a stage for the vibrant colors of your dishware and napkins. Spread some flag banners around, use them to decorate your entryway and the front of your buffet table.  You can make construction signs from poster board to hang around the room as well. For the table setting, little workers will be delighted to find their very own construction vest and hard hat decorating their chair.  For a unique centerpiece on the guest tables, you can use construction helmets with personalized messages on them.

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A fun way to bring your theme to the food would be to incorporated construction vehicles into the mix as dishes for the food. You can use a dump truck to hold macaroni and cheese, pretzels, candies and more, a little toolbox for fresh veggies, any construction equipment that can hold snacks offers a cute method for distributing your treats. Make little food labels with mini construction signs, and come up with fun working phrases for your dishes. You can even use caution tape to make your party area more realistic. Chex Mix can be “Nuts and Bolts,” Chocolate covered pretzels can be “Logs,” etc.  Make a sheet cake big enough for a whole crew and top it with an adorable little bulldozer.

construction party food and treat ideas

Let your little guests have some fun with a good old fashioned digg, using tupperware filled with rice, they can use little bulldozers, construction tools to find any little sweets you bury inside. Bring on some fun competition with a game of stack the cans, whoever gets the highest tower wins! Another sweet project for kids to enjoy would be to create their own decoration with construction paper and any other crafts that you have around, glitter, glue, markers etc. You can even set up a mini-construction zone for kids to hammer nails into boards.

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Little bulldozers make a cute favor for children to take home from a Construction Themed Birthday Party.  Mini-tool boxes with adorable little tools offer hours of fun to be had.  If you like giving snacks you can always send them home with a delicious cupcake topped with a little construction toy to remember the party by.


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