Classic Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party

Sleeping Beauty 3rd Birthday Party

Lee of The Famgeeks went all out on this adorable Classic Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party celebration. Using the traditional pink and gold from the lovely movie, the venue for this party was a magical adventure that the vip was certain to love.

The party room had abundant natural lighting from large windows along one wall that give the area an inviting and vibrant look. The dessert table was stunning, with layers of fabric that created an elegant look. A pink back drop set the stage for this adorable theme with greenery framing it and a gorgeous golden frame with beautiful art right in the center.

The table was covered in white and accented at the front with a shimmering golden fabric, giving a royal vibe. The entire table was filled with a perfect blend of tasty treats and Sleeping Beauty decor.  Golden candelabras stood on each side of the table with bold pink candlesticks. Beside them, tall bouquets of large pink blooms added a natural effect to the look.  

At the center of this buffet, a sweet cake stood on a tall, gold box. It was frosted to look like Aurora’s dress and topped with a large, lovely crown. Sleeping Beauty graphics were attached to sticks and placed to the side of the table, ensuring that everyone would easily know the theme to this event.

Other delightful snacks made for this party included chocolate chip cookies that were frosted to look like rosettes. Cupcakes had dress toppers and there were event marshmallows frosted in pink on swirly straws for easy eating!

The gift bags were unique and fun, each was a shimmering gold color and cut around the top to look like a little crown.  To personalize them, some had pink bows and some had blue, so each little guest would have a special gift just for them.

Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Cake Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Frosted-Marshmallows Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Gift-Bags Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Graphics Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Mirror-Art Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Napkins Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Rose-Cookies Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Snack-Buffet Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Snack-Table Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Treats Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Wrapped-Candies


Planning/design: Lee of The Famgeeks


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