Classic Pokemon Go Birthday


This Classic Pokemon Go Birthday was held at a gorgeous outdoor venue on a vibrantly sunny day, ensuring that all the party goers could truly enjoy the decor. Brenda’s visions for this event were all fantastically executed, creating an exciting adventure for little Pokemon fans everywhere to love.

Using the classic tones from the hit game and show, the venue had a bold array of color that drew the eye.

The dessert table was a stunner with a massive blue and white clouded backdrop and a large poke-ball centered with the birthday vip’s name on it. On each side of the poke-ball art classic Pokemon stood tall ready for a battle! To add a bit of a natural look two little rounded shrubs made a cute addition to the decor.  

With a bold blue cover, the snack table shone gorgeously. It had an iconic poke-ball banner across the front that said, “Happy Birthday.” One favorite unique decoration used at this party were mini white picket fences that surrounded adorable Pokemon peeps on sticks. Each mini garden even had green turf and a poke-ball in the center. The celebration cake was frosted perfectly to look like a marvelous little Pikachu popping out of his poke-ball.

In front of the snack table a delightful station was set up where the children could create their very own snack bags.  Pails in all of the Pokemon energy styles were filled up with goodies to choose from and mini scooper so it was easy for the kids to grab and go. This table had a fun yellow and white plaid cover with a green turf runner.

The guest tables were adorned with fantastic fish bowls in the center that were decorated to mimic the poke-balls and sticking out of the middles were favorites from the show like Charizard and Pikachu.

Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Bulbasaur Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Keep-Calm-Sign Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Peeps Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Pokeball Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Pokeball-Centerpiece Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Pokeballs Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Snack-Table



Planning/Design: Brenda V – Instagram: camifabcelebrations




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