Charming Clouds And Ice Cream Party


This Charming Clouds And Ice Cream Party was a lovely blend of decor and goodies. With a range of pastels used as the theme tones, the room had a colorful and friendly ambiance. Lima Limao took great care in the details with this party, using innovation to create an imaginative and delightful event.

The buffet table for this party was long and rectangular, set against a stark white wall to provide a cloud-like vibe. An adorable backdrop of pastel fabric strips in a banner made a cute introduction to the party.  

With the table covered in white, all of the pastel treats popped brilliantly. Flowers were distributed throughout the table area as fillers and they were beautiful. From large bouquets to little ones, each one had a unique look that gave an elegant look to the table.

At the center of the table, a three layer cake made a lovely decoration for the table.  It was decorated with cute white hearts, colorful ice cream cones and a massive cloud on the very top with a smile on its face. Sugar cookies were set on a pastel plate, shaped into clouds and cones in a range of cute pastels. Cupcakes were absolutely adorable with all different toppers that went perfectly with this fun theme. All sorts of tiny treats were offered, all placed in cute little liners that matched the theme colors beautifully.  There were even cake pops topped with mini clouds and tied with tiny blue ribbons.

Individual favors were packaged in adorable little holders that were tied up with soft blue ribbons too, made with personalized labels that guests were sure to love. With other star, cloud and cone decorations incorporated around the table, this buffet was a lovely success.

Charming-Clouds-And-Ice-Cream-Party-Buffet Charming-Clouds-And-Ice-Cream-Party-Buffet-Decor Charming-Clouds-And-Ice-Cream-Party-Cakepops Charming-Clouds-And-Ice-Cream-Party-Cloud-Cake Charming-Clouds-And-Ice-Cream-Party-Cookies Charming-Clouds-And-Ice-Cream-Party-Cupcakes Charming-Clouds-And-Ice-Cream-Party-Gifts Charming-Clouds-And-Ice-Cream-Party-Snacks Charming-Clouds-And-Ice-Cream-Party-Treats


Credits –

Design/Planning – Lima Limao



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