Pink Airplane Birthday Party


This Pink Airplane Birthday Party was a blast of bright color that stood out marvelously. Created by the stylish Owlie Powlie, the adorable printed decorations made this event one of a kind!

The printables for this fantastic theme were exceptional, each treat was labeled as well as all of the games and fun so the theme was blended smoothly throughout. The invitations were unique and fun, shaped like an airline ticket, ensuring that everyone would know the theme right off.

The dessert table was a vision with a banner for the backdrop that said, “Happy Birthday,” in various shades of pink letters and pink and white stripes. The end of the banner had an adorable airplane, making it look like it was in flight. Placed against a blue wall was perfect, giving it a sky effect.

Covered with a bold pink cloth the treat table stood out vibrantly.  A cute flag banner hung across the front of the table advertising it as the airport.  Boxes were decorated in pink and white stripes and polka dots to create varying levels to make the treats easily accessible. Cupcakes were displayed in a stylish way, set on a tray that was pink and white with polka dots.  Each one had a cute airplane cup as well as a personalized topper that said the birthday girl’s name or age.  One fun treat made for the party were marshmallows covered in pink with little black propellers on them.  They had sticks to make it easy to grab and were placed in a fantastic little pail.  The cake was a simple display of perfection in smooth pink frosting and topped with a miniature airplane on little marshmallows that looked like clouds.

There were even games and other fun included like pin the tail and a photo booth for the guests to show off their creative side!

Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Airport Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Bright-Treats Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Cake Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Cookies Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Cupcake-Toppers Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Games Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Goodie-Bags Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Hats Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Invitation Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Marshmallows Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Now-Boarding Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Photo-Booth Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Plane-Banner Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Silverware Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Straws Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Thank-You-Bags Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Thank-You-Notes Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Water-Bottle-Labels Pink-Airplane-Birthday-Party-Water-Bottles

Credits –

Owlie Powlie

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