Baking Party Ideas

A baking party can be a fun filled theme for all ages and the theme itself makes for a truly interactive and engaging event. With tons of options for decorations, color schemes, and even delicious food, a baking themed party is a unique and happy way to celebrate any occasion. Not only this, but a baking party can also be functional, keeping the event in/around the kitchen so as to even have an easy clean up and minimal messes in the long run! With a baking themed party, you can truly relax and enjoy the love and laughter that goes into making sweet treats.

Baking Party Invitations

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Baking Party Decorations

Decorations are aplenty, but some popular options include color palates of pastels and brightness, such as hot pink, baby blue, butter yellow, or mint green. Ribbon tassels, helium filled balloons with polka dots, and big cloth puff balls are all trendy and albeit easy decorations to incorporate into your baking themed party. Items that are actually seen in bakeries such as light up signage, chalkboards, striped overhangs, and other imagery of food like pretzels, breads, and cupcakes can be used as décor to put up along walls, windows, and tables. Flowers are also a must-have aesthetic, but make sure to opt for floral arrangements that are clean colors with minimal smell, so as to not distract or distort baking scents and flavors. And of course, you can’t forget to put together a special table with place settings for your guests to sit and enjoy the food they have decided to bake for this special party.


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Baking Party Food

The food for the party itself is beyond limitless—and we aren’t just referring to what you and your guests end up baking. After you decide what you’ll be making, you’ll still need to have other foods and beverages available. An event cake is a great place to start and can be a true star of the party with fun details. Go for a cake molded in the shape of a baker’s hat or a giant-sized cupcake. Set up a table for this cake and all the other pre-made goodies like cakepops, scones, oversized croissants, frosted sugar cookies in the images of spatulas and whisks, and apothecary jars filled with bright candies. Set up a coffee/hot chocolate bar just as many bakeries have and this will pair so well with the food.

Baking Party Printables

Baking Cooking Birthday Party Invitations & Decorations


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Baking Party Favors

Party favors for an event like this are all inclusive as you’ll have a station set up where your guests will be baking their favors! Hand out cute, personalized aprons for the guests to wear while they bake—and to take home with them. Have themed boxes in bright hues and fun designs ready for the guests to put whatever foods you’re all baking in to take home as well. Personalized or blinged out whisks or other baking utensils are also a fun idea for party favors that guests will not only love, but also stay within the theme of the favor box or gift card holder

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Baking Party Games

While party games aren’t completely necessary for a baking themed party because the true interactive game is the actual baking part, you can still bring in exciting ways to interact while all the yummy treats are in the oven. When you send out your party invitations, ask your guests to each bring along a favorite recipe and then all the guests can share these with each other and take home a much more sentimental keepsake than just a baked good. This activity also serves as a perfect icebreaker that will get your guests mingling in no time.

Baking Party Supplies

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