Aristocats Pretty Kitty Birthday Party


With a cute arrangement of pink, blue and white pastel tones, this Aristocats Pretty Kitty Birthday Party had an elegant edge that made it unique and wonderful. With the planning experise of My Little Angel Decorations, this children’s event was an adorable throwback to a classic Disney movie. Using Marie as a primary party icon, a special little vip was sure to enjoy her favorite character while feeling like royalty herself!

The dessert section at this event was absolutely stunning with decorations incorporated throughout.  A wonderful backdrop was made with three separate pieces, each showcasing Marie in a different pose.  With the center having blue and white stripes while the sides had pink and white polka dots, this backdrop was a perfect introduction to the party.

A massive runner matching the backdrop rolled right up to the table with Marie holding an umbrella. This decoration featured large letters spelling out, “Marie,” to ensure that everyone would know who the character was.

The dessert table itself was wrapped with a sweet blue and pink striped cover that had white lacy details around the top. To give this station an elegant look lovely trays with pearl like details held all of the goodies. Large plush Marie kitty’s were placed all around as well.

An exquisite three layer cake stood at the back of the table with an abundance of tasty looking pink frosting. The top layer had an edible blue ribbon and an attached flower to add to the sweet look. Sugar cookies made a tasty treat option too with different shapes and perfectly detailed frosting.

On each side of this table, white shelves held other fantastic goodies for the guests to enjoy trying out.  They blended beautifully with the dessert table, giving this section a unique look while offering plenty of space to hold other decor.

Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Cat-Decor Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Cat-Decorations Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Cat-Theme Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Desserts Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Shelves Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Tree Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Large-Graphic-Backdrop Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Pastel-Snacks Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Pearl-Trays Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Pink-Blue-Decorations Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Pink-Cake Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Plush-Cat Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Printable-Graphics Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Rug Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Stuffed-Cat Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Aristocats-Pretty-Kitty-Birthday-Party-Treats


Planning/design – My Little Angel Decorations


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