Disney Snow White Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Snow White Birthday Party Ideas Disney Snow White Birthday Party Ideas

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Your little princess can have a blast at her very own Disney Snow White themed birthday party. With such a full and fun idea, your little one is sure to remember her party forever.

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This theme let’s you bring in a wide variety of natural elements like birds and wildlife, you can even have the event outside, allowing nature to be a prime decoration. Another way to incorporate a natural look into your party would be using miniature topiaries to fill the tables. You have a lot of options with color choices at a Snow White party, red is a favorite of course, adding a bright touch to all of the different ideas that you create. Red and blue florals would stand out beautifully, as well as incorporating red berries into your natural elements. You could even use the storybook as a decoration, a large vintage copy would look fantastic.  Another touch that would make your theme really stand-out would be to hang a vintage mirror, like the Snow White version.

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There are a lot of delightful treats that you can make for a Snow White party that really go well with the theme. Using fresh fruits, especially apples, brings a healthy option that uses bright colors and incorporates into the theme with ease. If you wanted to bring a touch of the wicked witch into the scene you could have a cauldron of goodies, homemade candies or cookies for guests to reach in a grab.  Of you could even use a cauldron as just a decoration, a little dry ice placed inside to create that realistic feel.  For desserts you can make apple shaped cupcakes and frost them in red. Candied apple would be a perfect dessert for this theme as well. And every princess should have a tiered cake, frosting it in Snow White’s colors and putting bows on it, brings that elegance that any little girl can love.

Free Snow White Birthday Party Centerpiece Printable

free snow white birthday party centerpiece

free snow white birthday party centerpiece

To let every guest feel like royalty you can set up a crafting station and let everyone decorate their own tiara, giving an activity that they can keep for as long as they want. You can play a game of musical apple, where everyone lines up in a circle and passes an apple from person to person, when the music stops whoever has the apple is eliminated, last one wins a prize!

Disney Snow White Birthday Party Ideas Disney Snow White Birthday Party Ideas Disney Snow White Birthday Party Ideas snow white yellow supply

For gifts you can give each guest their own little party pack, tiara, beads, jewelry in a bag.  This allows you to use your creative side to make the bags for the gifts. You can always give a tasty treat as a gift as well, caramel apples would be fantastic, and after wrapping them in saran wrap you can tie them with a fun bow.  Another way to give your guests a chance to remember this classic theme would be to send them home with a copy of Snow White, letting them read the story anytime they want.

Disney Princess Photobooth Props

Disney Princess Photobooth Props

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