Safari Jungle Birthday Party Theme Ideas

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Every kid can enjoy a chance to let out their wild side at a Jungle Birthday Party. With this neat, natural theme, there are all kinds of different decorative options available that will make your event one-of-a-kind. One great thing about a Jungle Theme is that you can easily throw this party indoors or outdoors, so you have limitless venue options available.

Jungle Decorations – Food – Favors

To make the most of your decorations, use plants real or artificial, to fill the party room, giving a full and wild effect that kids are sure to enjoy.  You can make, or use stuffed animals that you already have around your home to add wildlife to your plants, making it look like a real jungle! Using tan or burlap, you can cover your guest tables and food tables, allowing all the bright colors of the jungle decorations to really stand out. You can make fun vines to hang up from crepe paper, fabric, or artificial leaves. Create mini-jungles for your centerpieces from grass in pots, just add clay jungle animals, or mini-plastic ones.

To lay-out a wild treat table, bring on some exciting treats like mini-monkey bread, tiger tails (marshmallows on a stick dipped in orange candy and drizzled with black gel), and frozen bananas covered in chocolate on silly straws. Have a tray of fruits and veggies for a natural and healthy snack option as well.  You could even have fruit kabobs. Give out bottles of Kool-aid with personal labels with a fun made up name like “Jungle Juice.” You could even make one giant sub shaped like a snake for a fun, filling snack. Let your cake stand-out as a fantastic center with a wild pattern, using fondant to make your child’s favorite wild creature as the topper.

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To give your guests a real treat during activity time, bring in a zookeeper and some wild critters to learn about and interact with.  You could have a face painter come in too, turning your visitors into their favorite wild animal.  Have a sock puppet station set up for everyone to make their own little puppet and then put on a show for everyone to see.

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Jungle Safari hats make a wonderful take-home gift that will last for a long time. You could give out a goodie bag with jungle safari trucks, wild jungle glasses and more. Another fun gift would be to give out bubbles with a wild patterned label around the outside, giving it a Jungle Theme touch.

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