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ice cream birthday favors

ice cream birthday party ideas

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Everyone loves ice cream and an Ice Cream themed birthday party is one way to create a sensationally sweet event! With the right decorations and an abundance of treats to please, this birthday party can be a real blast.

You can create exciting party invitations with fun fonts like comic sans ms, that have ice cream cone artwork or ice cream sundaes, any of them will bring your invitees that thrill you get when you know something sweet is coming up.

After you choose what ice cream flavors you want at the birthday party, you can choose those for your color palette as well, making a rainbow of options to fill your home.  You can make your own ice cream cones to hang from the ceiling with scrapbooking paper for the cone and tissue or tulle for the ice cream, really personalizing your event.

A photo booth idea that will give guests a lasting imprint. You can make an ice cream archway with balloons and cardboard for everyone to pose at. Using crepe paper, you can create borders throughout the venue area, which gives a soft effect that is associated with ice cream. Lining your tables with white cloths will allow for an ideal base that the decorations can really stand out from.Untitled

In addition to as many ice cream flavors you can possibly want, you should definitely have lots of sweets at an Ice Cream party, and some healthy options as well. Cupcakes are always a wonderful treat, you can even make them into cones by placing some M&Ms in a cone and putting the cupcake on top, and then topping with a cherry of course! Gummy bears and other small candies in jars make a sweet option for treats as well.  You can always create fun fruit shapes too, and have little finger sandwiches to fill the guests up.

For activities you can have everyone make ice cream in a bag, giving them a little science fun that tastes delicious. You could also have an ice cream making bar that let’s everyone build their own work of art. You can prepare sweet toppings such as mini M&Ms, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, crushed oreo biscuits, flakes, and few topping sauces including popular chocolate, strawberry and hot fudge. Healthier toppings can include chopped up strawberries, kiwis and blueberries. Another fun idea is to break out the play dough and let everyone make their own crazy concoctions. An ice cream cone pinata is another fun activity that guests will enjoy.

How to make Ice Cream in a Bag by BlueberriesWA via Youtube

For a unique take home surprise, filling plastic waffle cones with confetti and little gifts like pencils, erasers, or candies makes a neat option. You could also make cotton candy and put it in cones, wrapped in saran wrap of course. That favor allows you to use your crafty side for ribbons and personalized labels that visitors will love. Another fantastic idea would be to put a recipe for ice cream together with a spoon and put them in a box, so guests can make their own at home.

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