50th Milestone Birthday Party Ideas

Adult 50th - Birthday Party Theme

“Over the Hill” seems to be the big theme for the 50th birthday, but this can be a fun and hilarious way to celebrate. Crisp colors, clean lines, and relaxing lights really open up the birthday venue space to celebrate such a milestone and keep the mood light and serene. If you can take this party outdoors, even better.

Barbeque ribs on the grill with an assortment of beer, infused waters, and plenty of nostalgic finger foods and treats. Post up “over the hill” jokes along random places in your venue and really go all out to signify how special half a century of life really is. Group as many things as you can in “50” counts, from balloons to ceiling danglers to flowers and lights.

50th Milestone Birthday Invitations

Arrange centerpieces on tables of yellow spring flowers and put trivia games circa the year you were born on the tables as well for the guests to play and enjoy. String up polaroids of yourself for each decade of your life up to your 50th year now. On a main event table, opt for a huge tower of 50 elaborately decorated cupcakes over one singular cake and put a candle on each one to make for a glorious light show. Fill glass milk bottles with candies fifty years in the making like twizzlers, caramel squares, and sweet tarts. Wrap up party favors for your guests in vintage tin lunchboxes and they will be sure to cherish the time they had at your 50th birthday event forever.

50th Party Photo Booth Props

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50th Party Favors

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50th Milestone Birthday Decorations Picked by Me!

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