Winter Woodland Birthday


This delightful Winter Woodland Birthday celebration was charmingly created by Molly of A Day in Mollywood. When it was time for her little one’s first birthday, she came up with this innovative and cost friendly theme to celebrate her child perfectly.

The wintry theme was smoothly executed with the incorporation of all sorts of green and white elements, bringing the outdoors in. The venue was a home, allowing for a wide range of area to be beautifully decorated.  In the kitchen, an island made a perfect buffet space and was brilliantly designed to look fantastic while making the snacks simple to reach.  A white cover gave a snowy effect, setting a great stage for the green decor.

Each of the treats had a cute name to make them unique with a fun chalkboard style tag.  Celery and carrot sticks were called deer food, pretzels were called fallen branches and sandwich rollups were called sandwich snails. The sandwich roll ups were perfectly rolled and set with two toothpicks, making it an easy snack to munch on.  They were even set on a rectangular tray, giving a contemporary look to the buffet.

For sweets a kids favorite, chocolate pudding, was offered in jello cups set beside an adorable rabbit and mini tree. White donut holes called snowballs were placed on a large white plate and of course no party is complete without a tray of delicious cupcakes to go with the birthday cake!! This cake was fantastically created right from Molly’s kitchen, making it a unique and delicious treat for the guests to enjoy.

With a variety of other special touches like garland and white trees on the mantle above the fireplace, this venue showcased the theme in a cozy fashion.  There was even a photo shelf with adorable pictures so everyone could see how the vip was growing up!

Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Berries Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Beverages Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Buffet Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Cheesedip Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Cookies Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Cupcake Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Donut-Holes Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Garland Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Photo-Mantle Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Pinecones Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Pretzels Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Pudding Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Sandwiches Winter-Woodland-Birthday-Veggies


Credits –

Molly of A Day in Mollywood



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