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Having a video game themed party for your teenager is a wildly fun way to get friends together to celebrate. The options for all you can do to put together this fabulous theme party are endless, as you can incorporate generic video game icons and/or some of the favorite video games of your teen. So get those controller-shaped invitations ready to send out to get your guests ready for the big occasion!

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Video Games Party Decoration

For decorations, there are lots of basic video game images you can use, along with standard colors you see in just about every video game and console, no matter what the era. Neon greens, blacks, and bright oranges are perfect hues to keep in mind and they also mix and match perfectly with any specific games you might incorporate into your party. Balloons in these colors all around the venue are a great place to start—and you can never have too many. Likewise, string lights offer a cool game feel to the party and DIY cloth tassels are great to hang anywhere while adding a flair of color and vibrant décor. Vintage arcade signs and banners that proclaim “LEVEL 1”, “WINNER”, or “NEXT ROUND” are wonderful additions to post up along walls, doors, and even to use as backdrops to main event tables. Specific images in the form of standups or printouts for games your teen particularly loves should also be incorporated to the decorating scheme. And it’s always a good idea to have video game music playing if available.Printable Gamer Banner

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Video Games Party Food

You can really let your creativity shine when putting together a menu of food for a video game party. Between the bold colors and fun images, the food is a feast not only for the tastebuds but also for the eyes. Make your event cake into an oversized game controller, a console, or something from your teen’s favorite video game. Make a replica of a console out of cardboard, spray paint, and buttons and use that for a prop or even serving ware for an array of neon green frosted cupcakes. Sugar cookies in the shape of a Wii controller and cakepops that look like joysticks are treats to really awe at and smile about. Rice crispy treats and jars full of jelly beans and m&m’s are also perfect for foods that are not messy when it comes to getting hands on video game controllers as well. For beverages, boxed or pouched juices are a terrific choice, and for saltier fares, keep it simple and snack-like with pretzels, chips and dips, and pigs in a blanket.

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Video Games Party Favors

Party favors for a video game party can be anything from an actual video game to a specialized gaming cards to individually wrapped detailed cookies and candies. The favors you choose can be as generic or specific as you wish, depending on what video games your teen loves. Sunglasses, noise makers, chocolate coins, and fake mustaches are all really fun favors to throw together into a gift back for any guest. How about this Wii Remote Gum tin or a these Erasers!Mini Candy Wrappers Video Game Truck Party GAME ON

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Video Games Party Activities

Playing video games should be a main activity and definitely opt for multi-player games so that all the guests can have the chance to be involved. Other good ideas for games are video game trivia, and for bigger budgets, a video game truck is an amazing, all party long activity. These trucks offer a space that all your teen guests can play video games together at once in the truck with no extra purchase of games, space, or clean-up for the host.

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