Tiktok Themed Birthday Party Ideas

As a parent, it sure is easy to spend a lot of time planning out birthday parties and the like. If your child (or anyone else at home) happen to be big on social media, there is a chance he or she would want a TikTok themed birthday party. This can be quite the challenge to plan out! Here, then, are some useful ideas to help make your next TikTok themed birthday party a bit easier to plan out.

Tiktok Party Décor Ideas

  1. Start the theme early and get some TikTok themed party invitations designed. It should use the TikTok theme closely; just use the color scheme and logo of the app itself.
  2. Create a TikTok Birthday banner – you could simply create a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ bunting and shape each of the letters as if they are on the TikTok app.
  3. Get some TikTok-colored balloons, too. A happy combination of aqua or blue and stand-out hot pink should be just the injection of TikTok themed color that you need.
  4. You could even get some TikTok-themed t-shirts made up at a local store or online store such as Etsy. If you know who the guests are going to be for definite, get them a bespoke t-shirt made for the day!
  5. Top a birthday cake with a TikTok cake topper! You could create a Tiktok image cutout or it could be the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak, adding that extra charm to the rest of the party decor.
  6. Make use of printable that are available online, this is the easiest way to make everything coordinate for the party.

Tiktok Party Games and Party Bags

Tiktok Party Games and Party Bags

I recommend you first start off by using some kind of TikTok-inspired game. For example, you could have everyone carry out a birthday song/dance and see what upload gets the most hits by the end of the day? You might also want to try and factor in some kind of trend going for the day. Take the ‘track of the day’ and see what kind of group dance routine you can all come up with. Let’s see how many shares you can get by the end of the party!

In terms of party bag ideas, it can be a tough one to plan out in full. I recommend that you look to use some home baking and come up with things like cookies and jellies made in the shape of the TikTok logo. Party bags could be a chip bag that is personalized with a TikTok logo with the name or photo of the birthday boy/girl on the wrapper. This would be fun!
You could even create a little TikTok-themed photo frame that guests could stand in and have their photo snapped as if it’s a TikTok post.
This can seem a really tough party to plan out, but with some of the ideas above you should have no problem in making it rather awesome for everyone involved!

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