Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party

This Sweet Shoppe Birthday party brought together by Bethany of Hissyfits Photography, had a multitude of elements that could entertain any kid for hours. With such a fun theme, she was able to use a wide arrangement of treats and bright colors to create a masterpiece for her child to remember forever.

Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party invitation

Her original idea had been to use a Candyland theme, which would also be wonderful but changing to a Sweet Shoppe idea opened up a lot of other options that Bethany took advantage of.

True to the abundance of candy you would find at a treat store, a bar of snacks was set up for all the kids to pick their favorites from.  It was chock-full of options, ensuring that every child would find some delicious sweet to treasure.  To add even more color and fun, the countertop was decorated with adorable garland that was found at Hobby Lobby.  For a sentimental touch, cute little photos were precisely placed for everyone to see who the celebration was all about. For the beverage, a wonderful raspberry lemonade was made, in a light color so a little mess would be just fine! There were even sandwiches, ensuring that the kids would be able to munch on something healthy in addition to all the wonderful treats.

A cute array of decorations were used to add fun to the party room including a fantastic banner that spelled out Sweet Shoppe that had each individual letter tied together in cute little ribbons and tulle. Another neat decoration was a flag banner that was draped across a fabulous fireplace that spelled out the birthday girl’s name in wonderful, colorful patterns.

With a spread of balloons and crepe paper distributed around the room this party was a rainbow of decor and snacks that was certain to impress.

Credits – Event Planning – Hissyfits Photography

sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-banner sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-boxes sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-bucket-of-goodies sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-candy-shaped-soaps sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-candy-shaped-soaps-wrapped sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-cupcakes sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-cutlery sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-dessert-table sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-dessert-table-bar sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-favors sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-games-bean-bag-toss sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-games-bean-bag-toss-pin-the-stick-on-lolly sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-games-bean-bag-toss-pin-the-stick-on-lolly-bingo sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-ideas sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-lollipop-magnets sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-note sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-sign sweet-shoppe-birthday-party-tags

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