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Photo Credit – Treasures and Tiaras


Photo Credit – Treasures and Tiaras

A Batman Birthday party for your little superhero is sure to offer hours of fun that they will cherish forever. With a choice of the classic character and the modern, your theme colors can vary, letting you decide which look works best for your venue.  Blue, black and yellow tend to be the more popular look, allowing for easier shopping for your decorations.

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Batman Party Ideas – Decorations – Food – Party Favors

The Batman logo is such a breeze to make, you can easily DIY a lot of the little effects at your child’s party, personalizing it to them in a unique way.  If you have a large venue area and some pop-up tents, you can create a miniature Gotham City for the kids to play in, poster board can be crafted around the tents with the city drawn on them. You could also put the poster board building artwork on the walls, making the room look like it is inside Gotham City.  Use the dark colors for your table cloths to create a darker imagery.  Bundles of balloons can fill the room up too, giving it a cozy feeling.

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For fun foods that blend well with a Batman theme, try raisins on a peanut butter and celery log, you can call them Bats on a Log!  If you have a Batman logo jello mold you can make fun jello treats. Of course finger foods are best for your superhero to keep his Batman ensemble from getting dirty! Pigs in a Blanket, mini-deli sandwiches and a fruit and veggie tray all work well and you can come up with epic names for each that showcase your Batman theme splendidly.  Turn a two-tiered round cake into a Batman silhouette for a memorable dessert option.  You could also create a sheet cake with Gotham City and include some of Batman’s other pals like Robin.


For some action-packed Batman excitement, have your guests all wear fun capes and set up a picture of your child’s favorite villain. Then, give out silly string and let everyone save the day! Although a bit messy, it is sure to be a win. Another great activity is to have a Batman pinata and have everyone take turns swinging for the delicious treats inside.

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A favorite parting gift for Batman parties is either a mini flashlight, or a standard size with a Batman sticker on the end.  When they turn it on, suddenly it is a beacon calling for their favorite superhero!  Another fun memento would be to fill up little Batman pails with accessories or candies, letting everyone enjoy a special treat.

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