Spooky Witches Den Party


With Halloween coming up, a Spooky Witches Den Party can make a fantastic theme for a special birthday party! This layout was gorgeously created by Monique with Bash Party Styling.  The finished dessert table looked like a scene from a scary movie, making it a perfect option for bringing your party to life.

A long buffet made a great stage for all of the eerie decor and tasty treats at this event.  Set in front of a window, curtains made a fantastic setting for the backdrop made.  Cheesecloth is a wonderful tool when it comes to spooky decorations, being a versatile and easy to use fabric.  The backdrop feature this fabric set in a spiral to mimic a spider web in fun fashion.  With spiders surrounding it, the scene was set smoothly for this table.

A black table cloth draped to the floor, giving a dark base for the treats on the buffet.  Varying types of layered cheesecloth created dimension, while accenting the theme perfectly.  Front and center a fabulous witch announced the theme of the party in spooky delight.  No witch is complete without her cauldron and spellbook and this one was even accompanied by her favorite little skeleton pet.

For edibles, this party had everything a guest could want, from assorted flavors of popcorn displayed in cauldrons to candied apples.  The candied apples came in different flavors, each with colors that enhanced the table smoothly The cupcake flavors offered were quite wonderful, caramel apple, red velvet, cookies and cream and even pumpkin spice! Other treats included cookies in towers on a tall cupcake tray, gummy worms and even dark sixlets.  Eyeballs (wrapped chocolates), were placed in a stunning golden bowl held by a bird claw stand.

The labels were just ghoulish enough and with a spread of candles the table was a spooktacular success.

Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Candy-Coated-Apples Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Cauldron-Popcorn Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Cookies Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Cupcakes Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Eyeballs Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Pumpkin-Spice-Cupcake Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Red-Candied-Apples Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Scary-Decor Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Scary-Faces Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Sixlets Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Skeleton Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Treats Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Witch Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Worms

Credits –

Monique with Bash Party Styling

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bashpartystyling/


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