Speedy Lightning McQueen Birthday Party

Speedy Lightning McQueen Birthday Party

Ms. Laine Events showcased awesome racing design skills with this Speedy Lightning McQueen Birthday Party. From the classic touches incorporated throughout the decor to advertise the McQueen theme, to the unique decorations that make it one of a kind, this party was a wonderfully styled birthday to remember.

The dessert table for this party was jam-packed with all sorts of fun decorations, ensuring that this little Cars fan would not only enjoy the tasty treats at the party, but also the racing details!  The table was set up against a white tiled wall that made a perfect background for the Cars decorations.  A massive graphic of Lightning McQueen in his blue color was hung with the vip’s name displayed for all to see.  Above the graphic an adorable arrangement of white balloons with cacti incorporated hung in fun style. On each side of the backdrop large McQueen balloons were angled for a neat effect and an array of colorful balloons added to the bold styling.

This table had a black and white checked table cloth that made a stylish base for the snacks.  Using crates to add height to the various decorations, the table had a full and dimensional look.  A favorite group of decorations added to this section were miniature lego versions of the Cars characters that sat in rows on each side.  Other adorable additions to the decorations were loose tires that were used as fillers between cupcakes throughout the table.

For treats, yummy cupcakes were decorated in unique styles, some with cacti toppers and others with fun race flags as a finishing touch.  In the center, an action packed cake featured Cars characters on the top underneath a finish line banner. The front of the cake was detailed with desert decor to set the mood beautifully. The birthday boy’s name was displayed right on the front as well.

This is what Ms. Laine Events had to say, “Vroom vroom, make way for a Fabulous Lightning McQueen themed birthday party for Dayton! Our mission was completed when we saw his face light up. Thank you Deniece for having us once again!”


Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Balloon Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Balloons Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Blue-Car-Decor Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Cactus Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Cake Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Cake-Banner Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Cars Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Cars-Colorful Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Cars-Decor Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Decorations Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Graphic Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Legos Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Speed-Limit Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Treats Speedy-Lightning-McQueen-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table


Styling – Ms. Laine Events, instagram 

Balloons –  Pop Party 

Photography – Daphnie Loong



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