Snoopy And Pals Birthday


My Little Angel Decorations took this classic Snoopy And Pals Birthday theme and turned it into a modern and sophisticated event for a special little person.

A special arrangement was set up for the desserts at this party, using several round tables instead of the classic buffet.  With a massive Charlie Brown and Snoopy graphic as a backdrop, the theme was very clear. To each side of this fantastic picture columns of balloons in bright colors added a cute touch to the decor.  A hot air balloon was even created with varying sizes of balloons and string with Snoopy in a cup and set beside the columns.  Throughout the venue, other similar balloon set ups were placed for the guests to check out with other characters in the cups.

In between each of the tables, bouquets of balloons were expertly laid out to give a cloud-like vibe. Each table was covered in a contemporary black and white cover that added to the modern feel of this party.

The decorations for the snack tables were adorable, with little stuffed Charlie Brown characters and little miniature Snoopy’s too. Vibrantly colored trays were used to hold the goodies like sugar cookies shaped to match the characters. The special child’s name was spelled out in large red letters and set at the front of the center table.

For the celebratory cake, a fantastic three layered creation made a perfect centerpiece for the treat tables.  Each layer was boldly frosted in bright happy colors and detailed with the well loved Charlie Brown characters. There were even mini clouds used on the top layer.  As a topper, Snoopy and his dog kennel made a wonderful finishing touch.  This cake was set on an elegant cake tray with jewels around the bottom, making it a lovely addition to the decor.

Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Cake Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Flowers Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Hot-Air-Balloon Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Snack-Collage Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Stuffed-Animals Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Treat-Tables

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