Shabby Chic Party Ideas

Shabby chic style is the ultimate look of pretty, feminine, and flirty. It’s classic, it’s sophisticated, and it is an absolute posh theme for an event. With gorgeous distressed wood in pastel hues and doily patterns of lace, a shabby chic theme is perfect for any type of party or celebration, whether it be a shower, a birthday, or a wedding. And what’s even better, it’s suitable for any age!

Shabby Chic Party Invitations

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Shabby Chic Decorations

Decorations for a shabby chic party theme should be girly and classy, with a touch of vintage flair. Paper circle fans in shades of ivory and mint along the walls, ribbon tassels made of soft cotton hanging from ceilings and the backs of chairs, and pastel blue balloons can be put up indoors or outdoors; whichever place your party is being held. If you can have the party outdoors, this is actually ideal, as shabby chic has a lovely brunch feel to its overall setting. Drape tables in soft pink tablecloth with white lace overlay, and turn copper colored spray painted mason jars, baby’s breath, and ivory hydrangeas into sweet centerpieces. Burlap fabric is also a wonderful accent into a shabby chic theme, whether it be in the form of flag banners or tablecloth runners. Distressed furniture is must-have as well, and you can incorporate this in the forms of tables, chairs, mirrors, or even just accent pieces like old window panes with photos pinned up on them.

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Shabby Chic Banners

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Shabby Chic Printable Download

Shabby Chic Rose Printable Shabby Chic Rose Printable Shabby-Chic-Birthday-Printables1 shabby-chic-pack

Shabby Chic Food Ideas

Food is an eclectic mix of decadent and light fares, and though the setup may be simple and crisp, the taste and look of the food is absolutely divine. Start with a pretty backdrop of a white sheer draped up with tall stick posts made of whatever wood of your choice, and top those sticks off with big bunches of pale pink and white flowers. Then, prep the event cake in the center of the table, which can be a one or two tiered, round cake in mint, striped frosting. White metal birdcages filled with butter cookies and towers of pink macaroons give the table a beautifully elegant look, while ivory cupcake stands topped with rich chocolate ganache compliment the simple cake. Fluffy popcorn in blue cone holders and chocolate dipped cherries on glass platters are easy grab and go treats, while tea sandwiches and cheese and veggie plates are savory. For drinks, set up big glass dispensers with chalkboard labels. Pink lemonade and champagne are perfect drinks for a shabby chic event.

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Shabby Chic Party Favors

Party gifts for your guests can be just as elegant as the party itself, so think mason jars filled with sugary candy, burlap bags tied up with chocolate covered coffee beans inside, crystal wine charms, or rustic miniature jewelry boxes. Pink crackle design candle holders or tea sets are also a great thank you to your guests for attending your party, while keeping in with the theme. You want your gifts to have a vintage feel with a charming look that your guests can remember your event splendidly by.

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Shabby Chic Party Activity

Party gifts can also come by the way of activities that you set up for your guests. Relaxing things like painting a stain glass or tea cups, or decorating wooden boxes or mason jars are easy and fun to do while interacting with guests. You also want to keep in mind to cater your party activities to the specific event that you’re celebrating with this shabby chic theme party. Regardless of what you’re party is geared towards, however, activities should be sentimental, just as the feel of shabby chic is, so include activities that incorporate nostalgia and joy.

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