Rustic Autumn Themed Birthday

Rustic Autumn Themed Birthday (1)

Ms. Laine Events went all out to bring a little bit of fall into the middle of summertime with this Rustic Autumn Themed Birthday! To create this fantastic effect special details were brought to life with a little extra touch.  Green leaves were actually sprayed to give them fall tones, upcycled logs were innovatively distributed to give a warm cozy vibe and pine cones were actually flown in from Australia to ensure that this theme was perfectly executed.

The venue was indoors and was absolutely fantastic with this theme having dark floors and wonderful light brick walls that made for some lovely photos.

The snack table was a fall delight with a background of pvc that had garlands of leaves wrapped around it in autumn delight. A glass table was a sweet stage for the foods to rest on.

Upcycled logs were expertly placed to allow for easy access to the treats while showcasing the theme in charming fashion.  Little wooden boxes were also used to hold goodies along with wooden cutting boards.

The treats were beautifully designed to incorporate fall tones in a tasty way. Candy coated pretzels in pink, yellow and orange added a touch of fun color and there were even orange Macarons to try out.  Cupcakes had yummy looking white frosting with a splash of caramel and there were even popsicles with edible leaves on them.  The cake was pure perfection with a flame like design wrapped around the bottom in all sorts of fall tones.  A lovely Happy Birthday topper in a matching fuchsia made a great finishing touch.

Throughout the table and rest of the venue, greenery, flowers and leaves were spread to fill the place with a warm and inviting atmosphere. This fall theme was certainly a one of a kind event with such innovative decorations.


Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Cake Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Crates Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Decorations Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Edible-Leaves Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Flowers Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Leaf-Cookies Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Logs Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Macarons Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Pincones Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Pinecone-Cakepops Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Popsicles Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Pretzels Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Treats Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Treat-Table Rustic-Autumn-Themed-Birthday-Watering-Can


Planning/design – Ms. Laine Events
Desserts – French Crullers Paris
Photography – Daphnie Loong
Cake topper – Pop Party



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