Festive Fall Party

Autumn is the season for warmth and coziness, good food and crackling fun, and plenty of time well spent with family and friends. The Everyday Hostess recently achieved all this and more magic with her Festive Fall Party. Between burlap, hay bales, and pumpkins in orange, white, and gold, this event was beautiful and fully in the spirit of the fall season.

Festive-Fall-Party-flower arrangement activity

Of course, a huge punch container held delicious apple cider, and was surrounded by delightful caprese kabobs, delectable cupcakes in the seasonal theme, and creative grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters! The food table was set off by a soft burlap table runner and gorgeous, full centerpieces of flowers in yellows, magentas, and rich reds. There was a fantastic “potting station” in which guests got to use a hollowed out pumpkin and make their very own centerpieces with the gorgeous array of flowers, too. There was even a special, small-town twist on the décor, with napkins that read “Give Thanks, Y’all”, which paired perfectly with the adorable striped straws and other garland that excitedly greeted “Happy Fall!”

With decorations that were clean, crisp, and incredibly inviting, this Festive Fall Party was truly memorable in its look and feel. The space itself was cozy enough to bring everyone together to eat, laugh, craft, and truly celebrate the best season of the year.

Credit: The Everyday Hostess

Festive-Fall-Party-decoration-hays-pumpkin Festive-Fall-Party-flower arrangement activity in pumpkin pot Festive-Fall-Party-flower arrangement activity in pumpkin Festive-Fall-Party-flower arrangement activity pumpkin Festive-Fall-Party-flower arrangement activity Festive-Fall-Party-food tomato Festive-Fall-Party-food Festive-Fall-Party-paper straws Festive-Fall-Party-tablescape

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