Roaring Twenties – Great Gatsby Party Ideas

One of the most popular and trendiest themes for a party you can use as an adult is the Roaring Twenties Gatsby theme. This is easy to put together and absolutely every personality loves and really gets into this party theme. After you send out your posh black and gold invitations with Gatsby-font lettering, get ready to have the best time throwing the ultimate party for grown-ups.

Roaring Twenties Gatsby Invites

Roaring Twenties Great Gatsby Party Invitations

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Roaring Twenties Gatsby Decors

Decorations should be loud, glittery, and pleasantly dramatic, and your color palate should fall into hues of gold, silver, black, and white. For textures, think tinsel, feathers, and flowy fabric. Drape tables in gold, glittery tablecloth and put up helium-filled balloons of black with gold polka dots. Silver circle paper fans and garland made of plush black and white feathers make the hanging gold doorway tinsel pop. Post up DIY chalkboards with Gatsby quotes written on them and likewise, post up any type of signage that resemble vintage prohibition-era speakeasy images. Setting up a photo booth for your guests is absolutely necessary, so opt for a simple black backdrop with plenty of flashy props such as sequined masks, hats, mustaches, and feather boas. Matching tableware is also a necessity, so go for all gold for the ultimate feel of fancy.

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Roaring Twenties Gatsby Settings

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Roaring Twenties Gatsby Food

Food should be delicious but exquisite in the details. Think a big event cake that is multiple tiersin black frosting and with the classic gold sharp, angular shape designs of the roaring twenties old money. Top the cake with a huge bouquet of shining black feathers and serve on a tall, silver platter with dangling crystal drops. Surround the cake with equally breathtaking treats, such as white cake pops with black bowties, golden sugar dipped apples, chocolate jello pudding shots, red velvet cupcakes with white icing and gold coins on top, sugar cookies in the shape of bowties, and crystal bowls full of rich candy. Fill martini glasses full of green olives, bar nuts, and popcorn. Place bright pink cotton candy tufts in champagne flutes and offer vintage styled champagne coupes to your guests to drink their beverages from. If possible, a fabulous addition to your Gatsby-themed party is a champagne fountain. Apart from this, any bubbly beverage should be on hand for the event.

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Roaring Twenties Gatsby Favors

Party favors should be equally flashy as the party itself, so think crystal lined votive candles, personalized barware glasses, detailed fans, and shiny bottle stoppers. You can wrap these types of gifts up in sturdy boxes that match the look of the invitations you sent out, or you can use a black velvet bag with gold tie string. You can also merge party favors with activities. Have your guests come to the party in Roaring Twenties themed costumes and hand out fun prizes for the best ones.

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Roaring Twenties Gatsby Activities

Activities for a Roaring Twenties themed party involve all kinds of things—dancing being the big one. Make sure you have a great playlist full of the best of the best music from the twenties era for your guests to cut a rug to. Casino games are also a great idea, such as Russian roulette, craps, and even poker. Because the mafia began during this time, another fantastic and extremely interactive activity for a Gatsby party is a murder mystery game for your guests. There are many ways to set up this type of game, whether you’d like it to be simple or lavish, but the basic idea is coming up with a scenario that fits your theme and giving your guests clues to figure out who the “murderer” is. Again, with this game, you can award party favor prizes to the winners.

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