Rainbow Dash Adventure Birthday


What a wonder this Rainbow Dash Adventure Birthday was. From the brilliant rainbow of vibrant colors to the fantastic canopied layout, this venue was quite beautiful. DCFL Events took this adorable classic theme to a whole new level with all of the fantastic decorations they created.

The party was held outdoors, as a real pony was brought for the guests to enjoy a rousing ride! With the bright sun for natural lighting, all of the colors of the decor stood out perfectly.

A soft blue canopy was placed in a tent fashion, large enough to provide shade for the buffet and all of the guest seating.  Openings in the curtains gave a luxurious look while making it simple to enter and exit the tent area.

Several guest tables in a small rectangular shape filled the canopied space and each was wrapped in wonderful layers of bright red, orange, yellow, pink, blue and green, to match the My Little Ponies of course. Each table had an adorable centerpiece with a pony in a bucket alongside a cute little sign with all of the social media information to turn this party into an instant photo success.

The dessert table was sweetly arranged with accompanying round tables on each side to complement and expand the look.  The main table was wrapped in strips of light blue fabric, giving it a  fun, textured look. At the front of the table tall My Little Ponies stood, welcoming and adorable. A backdrop of rainbow colored fabric was put together with a large bouquet of white balloons at the top to make a cloud effect.  All of the desserts were impeccably decorated to match the theme to perfection.  A delightful cake stood in the center, drawing attention with ease with its soft blue frosting.

Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Apples Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Cake Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Cakepops Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Centerpieces Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Cheesecake Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Cupcakes Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Decorations Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Gifts Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Gift-Table Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Macarons Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Madelines Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Pretzels Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Rice-Krispies Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Seating Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies

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DCFL Events



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