My Little Pony Tea Time

This adorable party brought together two elements that any little girl can love, a tea party and My Little Pony.  Fantastically designed by TinyTime Studio, the details in this event created a sure fire entertainment success.

A very large room was used for the venue area so that all of the food and activities could be done together, making it easy for the kids to keep track of everything. With such a classic theme, a beautiful array of colors were used to bring the entire party to life.

My Little Pony tea party ideas, dessert table

The dessert table was a superb arrangement of treats that all kids can enjoy, each laid out for easy access. The backdrop to the table was an adorable poster of My Little Ponies, ensuring that the theme stood out to perfection.  Surrounding the poster on each side an adorable grouping of bright color strips and tall bouquets of polka dot balloons that made a cute addition to the look. The table had a personalized My Little Pony cover, so it matched the backdrop and all of the goodies smoothly.

From the ceiling, neat spiral My Little Pony decorations were hung as well as a pinata for a dash of fun. Cute tables were set up beside each other in neutral tones to eat at, each covered in a cool golden cloth.

A neat addition to this party that was sure to have the kids attention was a balloon rainbow area set on astro-turf for the little ones to get their photos taken, giving a permanent way to remember this fun event. The area even had a cute little picket fence and two little flower beds overflowing with lovely floral arrangements.

With an action packed area of blocks to climb on, this party had everything a kid could want when celebrating a sweet kid’s birthday.

Credits – TinyTime Studio

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