Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

Make your party room a ravishing array of abundant colors with a Rainbow Themed Birthday Party. Using rainbows, you can bring a beauty to your venue that your little guests are sure to love!

For this fun theme, it is all about the bright, vibrant colors of the rainbow.  For your back drop to accent your buffet table used giant poms to create a cloud look and then have yarn in all the rainbow colors hung to create a full, rainbow effect. Use rainbow streamers to cover your ceilings for a cute look. This is also a fantastic theme to have balloons everywhere in every shade! Create some edible centerpiece decorations for each guest table by making layered jello in large jars, letting each table have it’s own special miniature rainbow. Use different colors of the rainbow for each guest table and the buffet table, this makes the entire room look like one giant rainbow. You could even make your food table stand out even more by making a layered look around the front with rainbow fabric draped to the floor. Use rainbow dishware and swirly straws to complete your colorful atmosphere.

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Feed your hungry guests with a spread of bright, colorful treats that they will love. You can add food coloring to virtually any dish you make, giving you limitless options for creative fun. Rainbow lollipops make a sweet treat that kids enjoy and add height to your table. Make some rainbow layered parfaits for a delicious and bright delight. Layout your fruit spread in a rainbow shape to attract attention. Cupcakes with miniature rainbows set on top give a fluffy cloud look that is certainly delicious. You could even make a confetti cake roll for some yummy excitement. For a unique birthday cake, you can make a chocolate bundt cake with white frosting and funfetti over the top, giving a splash of colorful fun.

Make a Rainbow Layer Cake IN A JAR

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Bring your party some fun with a toss the bean bag game set up in a rainbow fashion.  Set out pails in each of the colors of the rainbow in a line, then have the kids take turns seeing how far they can toss the bean bag to make it into the pails. Make your own little ball pit for the kids to play in with a wading pool and little plastic balls. Have the kids participate in a baking exercise, make some rainbow pinwheel cookies, they bake fast so they can take home their sweet treat.

Send your visitors home with some fun favors like rainbow twizzlers. You could also make colored popcorn and wrap in bright paper.  A set of watercolors with coloring books is another fun idea that will last awhile.

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