Racing Car Birthday Party Ideas

Racing Car Birthday Party Ideas

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Racing Car Birthday Party Ideas

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Racing Car Birthday Party Ideas

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racing car birthday party table setting

A Racing Car themed birthday party makes a great idea for your sport loving child who just can’t get enough of the speed action.  There are many options available for creating a detailed and unique look for your event, but this is one that you can definitely go bold with your ideas  and come out with a winner!


When coming up with your invitations, using a font that yells (large thick lettering) will have guests excited to come celebrate.  You can take advantage of the bright reds, yellows and blues when choosing your artwork for them.  Making invites with racing cars or trophies introduces the theme easily.


Race Car Party - Racing Birthday Decorations Printable

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Race Car Party Snack Boxes

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To decorate your party area, you can go crazy with the checkered flag pattern, using black and white to set up your tables so all of the vibrant colors you place on them will stand out brilliantly.  Take advantage of your child’s collection of cars to add personal touches that you already have to create a spectacular scene.  Using a large, bold banner with personalized lettering behind your buffet table will give a full look. You could even hang a flag banner in front of the table to really give an excited effect.

Racing Car Birthday Party tableware Racing Car Birthday Party tableware Racing Car Birthday Party tablewareRacing Car Birthday Party tableware

Food Ideas

When it comes to creating fun dishes that all party goers are sure to enjoy, it’s really about the names you give to the treats. A fantastic one would be to put some dip into little dixie cups, with celery and carrot sticks sticking out with a personalized label naming them, “Dip Sticks”.  Another unique idea is to create construction cones from sugar or waffle cones that are sprayed with edible food spray.  With those you can fill the cone up with some yummy filling like cake-pop mix, and then set it upside down on a graham cracker, making it look like a traffic cone. With each dish that you make, don’t be shy on using bold and fun colors to make them stand out, even putting little race flags in some of them, like cupcakes, helps to emphasize the theme. A popular treat for this theme are also the dark chocolate covered donuts, they certainly can make the plate exciting with a fun label ‘Spare Tires’.


FREE Racing Car Party Printable

FREE Racing Car Printable

FREE Racing Car Printable

Party Games

To keep the guests happy, every race car party should have an exciting activity that is memorable and fun.  One neat way to entertain and provide a gift at the same time would be to put little cars (like Hot Wheels) into balloons (one per balloon) and blow them up.  Each participant can take a turn popping the balloon however they want and the end result is a surprise gift inside!

Party Favors

For a sweet take home give, creating personalized trophy to everyone who came could be fun and easy to create. You could also give tins with race labels that have mini-cookies, or candies of your choice inside. There is always the option of giving stickers as well, making it cost friendly to share your appreciation for everyone who attends.



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