Princess Birthday Party Ideas

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So your sweet one is wanting to be a Princess for their special birthday this year. With so many different options available out there, this royal theme can be a fantastic and simple one to create!

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When putting together a Princess birthday, there are some important elements that you will want to focus on. Using an elegant font on your invites sends a sophisticated message to the guests, making them feel like royalty themselves. Incorporating silver/gold or purple into your color palette gives emphasis on the Princess theme as well. You can choose from a variety of fantastic artwork ranging from wands, to tiaras or even queen/princess silhouettes.

Setting up your royal party room can be a daunting task, but with so many DIY options out there, you can definitely create an elegant environment for your little princess to remember forever.  Using silver tablecloths, you add a shimmer to the room that gives that glamorous feeling that the theme calls for. You could even create your own birthday banner to drape as a backdrop for your cake or buffet area, using individual letters, you can glam them up with glitter glue and sparkles and use sparkle yarn to connect them, making it a personalized and fantastic decoration.  Confetti and glitter are both wallet friendly ways of adding a touch of royalty to guest tables that are simple to distribute.  An abundance of balloons can be fun too, filling the room with a cozy and fun style.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas Princess Birthday Party Ideas princess-party-themed-decorations-Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Food for this party should be fit for any princess to enjoy, finger foods work best – less mess that way.  Fresh fruits that have vibrant colors like watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes brings a healthy and delicious choice, you can even cut them into shapes with cookie cutters.  The cake at a Princess party should be the centerpiece for the food table, a tiered cake would really stand out and if you top it with a tiara, or a scepter, it will create that royalty vibe. Other treats that work well include cucumber sandwiches, a sweet and delicate snack, and sugar cookies, you can sprinkle them with all kinds of fun sprinkles and cut them into different shapes to go with the theme perfectly.

Princess Birthday Party Ideas Princess Birthday Party Ideas Princess Birthday Party Ideas Princess Birthday Party Ideas Princess Birthday Party Ideas Princess Birthday Party Ideas

For games at a Princess party, there are a multitude of options that can make your child feel like royalty.  Pin the tiara on the Princess is a good way to include all the guests in a fun activity, you can print out a princess picture or create one yourself, making it easy to create.  Another fun activity would be to have each visitor make their own jewelry.  All you need is a set of fun beads and string and everyone could have their own unique item to remember the party by.

As a wrap-up, you can make adorable gift bags for each guest with costume jewelry, tiaras, wands, or even cookies for everyone to enjoy later.  You could also give everyone bubbles, which you can create from home or purchase easily.  With so many different options, a Princess party can definitely be a creative and exciting theme for a birthday party.
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