Pretty Puppies Galore Birthday Party


Who needs visions of sugar plums in dreams when you can have your very own Pretty Puppies Galore Birthday Party extravaganza? Aura Decorations brought together a beautiful arrangement of colors and decor to spoil a special little girl on her birthday!

Using a lovely blend of pink, gold and green, the venue of this gathering was elegant and fun. The dessert table was visually stunning with an elegant backdrop that was a real show-stopper. Gigantic paper flowers in pink and gold hung at the center of the backdrop, introducing a floral touch to this adorable puppy party. Behind these flowers sheer pink and gold fabric was hung with precision to create an inviting and sophisticated look.

The treat table for this party was perfectly fantastic with snacks for all to enjoy and all detailed to go with the theme beautifully.  The front of the table held very cute little sugar cookies shaped to match the theme like dog bones and dresses.  Each of the edibles was gorgeously displayed on golden and white trays that added to the elegant vibe sweetly. Cakepops had puppies on the front and cute little ribbons on the sticks.

The cakes were brilliantly made, two smaller ones stood on each end of the table frosted with pink and green and detailed with adorable bones all over and a puppy right on top of each. The cake in the center was stunning with three lovely layers, each decorated in a creative and beautiful way. At the top of this cake a large letter, “C” indicated who the special day was for.  Other fantastic details incorporated to this dessert table included tall bouquets of delightful flowers along with lovely cupcake stands with delectable delights on them.  The front of this table was also enhanced with a charming white bench too.

Pretty-Puppies-Galore-Birthday-Party-Cakepop-Plate Pretty-Puppies-Galore-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Pretty-Puppies-Galore-Birthday-Party-Floral-Centerpiece Pretty-Puppies-Galore-Birthday-Party-Giant-Paper-Tissues Pretty-Puppies-Galore-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Pretty-Puppies-Galore-Birthday-Party-Sweets Pretty-Puppies-Galore-Birthday-Party-Tiered-Cake Pretty-Puppies-Galore-Birthday-Party-White-Bench


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