Pizza Party

Once again Tempo Di Festa has produced a stunner, this time using a theme everyone can easily fall in love with, a Pizza Party. With such a joy of a classic tasty food, you can’t go wrong with this delicious theme. Bringing unique touches to the event, it was a personal and exciting gathering that any special guest could enjoy.


For an authentic Italian feel, red, white, green and black were used for the theme colors creating that classic warm fun atmosphere. At this special party though, the colors also represented the Mexican flag, as the party was held in Mexico, making it a double-twist that fit perfectly.

The dessert table was a collage of colors that drew the eye right to a fantastic, large pizzeria logo that enhanced the Italian feel to the venue. Rosettes in a range of sizes, patterns and colors surrounded the sign, giving a sweet touch to the look. The table had a red and white checkered tablecloth, giving a bold stage for the tasty treats to sit on. A wonderful flag banner was hung across the front of the table that had all of the theme colors displayed.

The range of treats made was perfect, with a little something for everyone to try out. Little cookies shaped like pieces of pizza were brilliantly decorated and placed on cutting boards for a realistic effect. Adorable round cookies were frosted like a flag with the birthday boy’s name on them. Cake pops stood out with their white frosting and mini-pizzas on top.  There were even cupcakes with bold green frosting that had wonderful labels sticking out for a full effect.

The cake was a delicious centerpiece set on a silver platter that made it look even bigger. Decorated pristinely with the theme colors, it made a great finishing touch to this tasty table.

Credits –

Stylist & Printable: Tempo Di Festa

Printable used available on ETSY

Photography: Sandra Molina

Cake designer: Pamela Benitez

Cookies and cupcakes: La moña

curtains, tablecloths, chair covers and apron: Lamoña


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